West Virginia Moving from Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland Area

Move to or from the state of West Virginia with Georgetown Moving and Storage from Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland Area.

Are you considering or already have a moved planned from or to West Virginia? Georgetown Moving and storage can offer you relocation services between the DC metro area to West Virginia.

We offer 2 day relocation services between the DC area and West Virginia. This means, we come pick up your items on the date you have chosen then have deliver your items the next date whether that be in the DC area or West Virginia. Possibly you know for sure that you will be moving to or from West Virginia but are unsure about where your new place will be or you have not decided on a new place or finalized the paperwork, we offer a solution for that as well. Our storage facility would be a perfect solution for you. We come to your location, package and wrap your household belongings and provide a detailed inventory. From there we bring your items back to our secure GSA warehouse where we will load your items into our storage. When you have decided when and where you will be moving, simply give us a call and we will arrange the date and time of the delivery with you.

Whether youll be doing a standard move from location to location or storing your items, we offer it all. We can even provide a full moving service including boxing of all of your household items. Maybe youd like to pack some of the items yourself but would like the more fragile items packed by the professionals, we offer a partial packing service as well.

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