Moving Estimates & Quotes near Washington, DC


Are you thinking about moving your family to or from the Washington, DC area? Choosing the right moving company is an important first-step in the process. And, what’s the first thing most homeowners ask potential movers? They ask for the cost of their moving services (or an estimate!).

Price is a major factor when comparing moving companies, which is why you should seek out quotes from multiple companies before settling. Often, the cost of services can be a deal breaker for families looking for movers on a budget. But, what if we told you great service and affordability can go hand-in-hand?

With Georgetown Moving and Storage Company, we offer high-quality, reliable moving services at a great price. To learn more, contact us online or give us a call today at (703) 889-8899!

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How to Get a Moving Estimate from Georgetown Moving and Storage Company

At Georgetown Moving and Storage Company, we make it easy to get a moving estimate. When we quote you a price, what you see is what you get. We don’t tack on extra charges for moving blankets or long-carry services down flights of stairs the way other movers do. We also never charge additional taxes or credit card fees. We want to help keep your move as affordable as possible!

To take advantage of our simple process, you can receive a quote from us by:

Filling Out an Online Moving Estimate Form

Not sure which moving company in DC you want to use? Reluctant to give out your contact information this early in the process? We completely understand. That’s why we offer a free online estimate form you can fill out without ever contacting our office. It’s a great first step to help you narrow down which company to work with.

Our online form keeps your information confidential and sends you a copy of your estimate via email. If you like what you see, you can then contact our office to schedule moving services if you choose!

Calling Us for a Free Moving Estimate

You can also call us to receive an estimate by phone. Our trained phone estimators will ask about the square footage of your home or apartment. Then, they will go over a detailed inventory list with you, asking you to explain the furniture and other items are in each room.With this information, we can estimate the number of movers you’ll need, the number of hours it will take, and any personalized materials you’ll need for the move. This allows us to give you an accurate moving quote to help you choose the right company for the job.

Requesting an In-Home Moving Quote

You can obtain the most accurate moving estimate by scheduling an in-home survey. At your request, we can send over a qualified moving estimator to perform a visual inspection of your home or apartment. This helps us determine what access is like, what special equipment may be required, the number of movers needed for the job, and how many hours we think moving will take. In-home estimates typically take 25 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of your home, the number of bedrooms, and any questions you have for us.

Prior to scheduling an in-home estimate, be prepared to answer these questions:

  • Do you plan to move any of your furniture yourself prior to moving day?
  • Are there any pieces you plan to leave behind?
  • Are any items going to a different location on moving day?
  • Do you want the movers to pack all, some, or none of your boxes?

With the answers to these questions, we can provide a more accurate moving estimate.

Get a Moving Quote or Estimate for Your Next Move in DC or NoVA

It’s wise to start looking for a company to help you move at least one month prior to your preferred moving date. Try to schedule an in-home moving estimate at least three weeks prior to the move. Once you know which moving company you want to work with, book moving services as soon as possible to increase the chance of an opening on your desired date.

At Georgetown Moving and Storage Company, we are eager to help your move to or from the DC-area go as smoothly as possible. Fill out our moving estimate form or call us today at (703) 889-8899 to get your moving quote now!