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Storage Units in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia & Maryland

Georgetown Moving and Storage Company is here to help with your storage needs in the Washington DC Metro area. Our storage units in Arlington are perfect for providing a place to store your belongings, no matter your circumstances. Whether you’re moving to a new place, currently in between addresses, waiting for your next place to be ready, or just in need of extra storage space for your furniture, we’ve got you covered.

Our stacked storage units typically cost less than self-storage! Contact us online today for a quote.

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Storage Units in Washington DC

In addition to moving and packing services, we provide a variety of storage services to meet your needs. These services include:

Residential Storage Units

Whether you plan to store your belongings short- or long-term, we offer the perfect residential storage units in Washington DC for you. We provide full-service moving and storage, which means we can take care of the entire move for you if you don’t want to lift a finger. We arrive at your house or apartment, pack up and wrap your belongings for storage, load the items into a storage unit, and transfer the unit to our state-of-the-art secure storage facility.

Commercial Storage Units

If your office is running out of storage space but you don’t want to get rid of anything permanently, take advantage of our commercial storage units in Arlington.

Not only do we pack, load and transfer your items to our secure storage facility, but we also provide you with a detailed inventory so you know at a glance what’s in your storage unit, whether you plan to keep items there over the short or long term. If you need a extra space for storage, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Storage Unit Facility Locations

We have four convenient storage unit facilities located in:

Whether you’re located in the city or outside the city, we’ve got a great location for you. If you need storage units in Arlington, Alexandria, Landover, or Washington, DC, give us a call today.

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Why Choose Our Storage Units in Washington, DC?

cheap storage units in washington dcWe’re here to help you every step of the way. We can be as involved in your storage endeavor as you want, whether you simply would like us to drop off and pick up your portable storage unit or you want us to pack and load everything on your behalf. This flexibility makes storage easy!

Each of our storage units measures 7’ high by 5’ wide by 7’ deep and holds about 150 to 180 cubic feet.

Then, our storage methods are unique. Rather than “self” solutions where storage units are accessible to everyone, our portable units are stacked and stored in a warehouse. This “portable vault” system is economical, safe, secure, and costs less than self-storage. Our enclosed boxes remain safe in our indoor facility until you need to access the unit.

Quality Storage Units in Arlington & Washington, DC

When you choose Georgetown Moving and Storage Company to store your belongings, feel free to set your expectations high. Here’s what you can expect:

    • Inventoried belongings: We register a detailed inventory of your storage unit in our computer system. Then we provide you with a copy of this inventory so you never forget what you’re storing with us.
    • Safety and security: We’re a GSA-approved US Government contractor. As such, our warehouses include the newest fire safety technology and security features, including cameras and alarms, with access limited to the warehouse manager. Plus, indoor storage ensures climate control to help protect your belongings until you need them again.
    • Insurance: Our insurance covers your belongings while they’re stored with us, so in the extremely rare case of theft or damage, you’re not left out in the cold.

Other Storage Solutions in Washington, DC

Other storage services available include:

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For more information about our safe and reliable storage units in Washington, DC, or to schedule services, please call us at (703) 466-0575 or contact us online to receive a free quote on a storage unit for your residential or commercial needs.