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Moving Two Households Together

Many modern households look far different than they did even a decade ago. Today, blended living arrangements are made up of partners, newlyweds, multi-generational families, or professionals entering a co-living arrangement to save on costs. Combining two households harmoniously is challenging, but with a lot of communication, compromise, and a good mover, it truly can be relatively stress-free!

Here’s what to do before you call the mover to help you move into your new space.

Inventory All Belongings

Sometimes one person or family already lives in the soon-to-be-blended home. Still, it’s likely the person or people moving in want to bring some of their belongings with them. It can be easier if everyone is moving into a new space, but you’ll still need to discuss and compromise on what furniture, appliances, and decor make the final cut so that everyone is happy.

Each person should make a list of what they absolutely want to keep. Things you know you want to leave behind can be sold or donated. There will likely be duplicates of sofas, chairs, tables, appliances, dishes, and glassware. If it’s difficult to agree on whose stuff “wins,” consider buying something new to replace both items or putting some things in storage.

Agree on a Decorating Style

The best combined households reflect everyone’s taste and style. When two people are at extreme ends of the decorating scale, though, you’ll likely need to do some compromising. Do you like all things traditional but will now be sharing space with someone who leans toward eclectic decor? Often the best solution is to meet somewhere in the middle for most of the house or apartment and then give each person a designated space where they’re entirely in charge.

Let Space Dictate Compromise

Compromise is necessary in any merger! When there are duplicates of furniture items like couches, dining tables, and bedroom sets, let the size of a room be the guiding factor in which piece is best. If you’re unable to agree and budget permits it, consider getting a new piece and either selling or donating the existing pieces or putting them in storage for a while.

Ensure Pets Are Comfortable

Pets that already know and accept each other might not be a problem, but when those unfamiliar with each other share a living space, tensions can flare. Making sure pets are comfortable during the moving process should be a top priority.

Ease the Stress With Storage

If you’re not ready to part with treasured belongings but there’s simply no room for them in your newly combined household, look into putting them in a secure storage unit. Using self-storage pods or climate-controlled units can help make the transition less stressful. And at some point, you can revisit the idea of introducing one or more pieces into the home.

Contact Us for Professional Moving Services in Washington, DC and Maryland

If you’re ready to move two households into one, choosing the right moving company to efficiently and reliably handle the project can make all the difference in whether your move is a stress-free one. Georgetown Moving & Storage works with you to ensure your new life together starts off in a relaxed and joyful way. Whether you need moving services, storage, or you’re considering portable storage, give us a call.

Call Georgetown Moving & Storage Company today at (703) 889-8899 to connect with professional movers “near me” in MD, VA, or DC. Or contact us online to learn about all our services! 

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