Military Certified Moving and Storage in Fort Belvoir, Andrews AFB, Quantico DC

Are you a military member or Government employee planning your upcoming move? Let Georgetown Moving and Storage help you out and put your worries to rest.

Because Georgetown Moving and Store is a GSA approved company, we often do residential and commercial moves within or between military bases and military instillations. Whether you are moving within Fort Belvoir, Fort Detrick, Marine Corps Base Quantico, Joint Base Anacostia, Andrews AFB, Fort Myer or to another military base in another state, we service all bases throughout the country.

Are you planning a trip overseas and need to store your items while you are deployed or overseas? Our secure GSA storage facility is the perfect solution for moves of all sizes. With our flexible storage we offer options for as long as you may be gone.

Is the government paying for your upcoming move? In most situations when the government will be paying for your move or reimbursing you for the cost, they require weigh station tickets to verify the cast. We offer this service as well. For your convenience we will weigh the truck before your move to get the exact weight then reweigh the truck once your goods are on.

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