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How to Move a Piano Safely

As moving day approaches, you might be worried about how you’ll move your piano. This beautiful, expensive possession is more than just a piece of furniture—it’s a musical instrument with delicate strings, hammers, and keys that must remain unharmed to produce their beautiful sounds. An upright piano might weigh 300 to 400 pounds, while a grand piano can be 1,200 pounds or more. To avoid damaging your prized piano when you move, follow these tips from Georgetown Moving and Storage Company.

Move a Piano Safely Across the Floor

  • Take measurements: To make sure the piano will fit through all doorways and stairwells on the way to the moving truck, measure the width and height of the instrument and all passageways in question. Estimate the weight of your piano by looking up the brand and model number online.
  • Enlist helpers: Work with at least four other people—more if your piano is on the heavier side. Moving a piano safely is hard work, and you need enough people to make the job doable.
  • Prepare to move the piano: Shift any furniture or objects out of the way so the path to the moving truck is clear. Lock the lid of the piano and cover it with a moving blanket to protect the finish.
  • Place the piano on a dolly: Lift one end and slide a moving dolly under the center of the piano. Make sure the instrument is stable and balanced before you let go. Tie the moving blanket down with ropes or cords to prevent it from slipping off.
  • Move the piano: With helpers positioned on both ends of the piano, guide the dolly across the floor at a slow, steady pace.

Move a Piano Safely Down the Stairs

If your piano is located on the second floor, we recommend arranging hoisting services to lift the piano over the balcony or railing. This is often much easier and safer than moving a piano down a flight of stairs.

If you merely have a few steps to navigate on your front porch, start by moving the dolly to the edge of the top step. With helpers in the front and back, guide the dolly’s front wheels slowly onto the second stair. Roll the back wheels to the edge and guide them down carefully. Repeat this process until your clear the stairs.

Move a Piano Safely onto a Moving Truck

To push a piano up the ramp and into the moving truck, start by positioning one person on each side to stabilize the piano. Everyone else should stand behind the instrument and deliver steady but gentle force to push it up the ramp. Don’t use too much speed, or you could lose control once you clear the ramp.

Roll the dolly onto a moving blanket laid on the floor of the moving truck. Tip one side of the piano downward so you can remove the dolly from underneath it.

Hire Piano Movers in Maryland, Northern Virginia & Washington, DC

Moving a piano can be quite a headache without help from experienced piano movers. Whether a piano is the only thing you want to move or it’s merely one of many furniture items you’re relocating to your new home, Georgetown Moving and Storage Company can help. Our trained, full-time movers have experience transporting pianos safely. We’ll move or hoist your piano with precision to ensure it isn’t dinged, scratched, or damaged in any way.

If you’re looking for piano movers in the DC metro area, please contact us today to learn more about our services. You can also call (703) 889-8899 to request a free moving estimate.

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