Piano or Organ Moving Services

Moving a piano to a new home in the neighborhood or a different state can be quite a headache without the help of professionals. With Georgetown Moving and Storage Company, we can make the whole process easy and stress-free.

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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Piano Mover

Our piano movers are adept at moving large pieces of furniture that require careful handling and attention to detail. Regardless of your piano’s shape and size, we can assure you of transporting it to your new home safely and on schedule.

Georgetown Moving & Storage Company understands the challenges of moving pianos because of their size and your new home’s location. Moving an upright piano to an apartment several floors away from the ground might sound easy because of the elevators. However, if your new building’s elevators are too small for the piano to fit in, we may have to use the stairs to bring your item up to your floor.

The task becomes even more challenging when moving a grand piano. Grand pianos won’t easily fit through a door, so they may have to be disassembled to be brought in or hoisted with a crane and lifted to the appropriate floor.

In either case, our professional piano movers will handle your cherished musical instrument with care. Our team is trained and experienced in disassembling and reassembling pianos. We’re also prepared to handle any paperwork issues that may arise during the relocation of your piano.

We further take our piano moving services up a notch by ensuring that your item is transported with the utmost care, using blankets and pads to protect it from damage. Additionally, full insurance is available for your items. At Georgetown Moving & Storage Company, we know that pianos are big investments, and we intend to keep your piano safe throughout the moving process, from start to finish. For your greater peace of mind, our company is also bonded and fully insured.

Upright Piano Moving

Different types of pianos require different moving approaches. While upright pianos are typically easier to relocate than grand pianos, you still want to avoid the risk of accidents. Trust a team like the Georgetown Moving & Storage Company professionals to move your piano to your new home or storage. We understand the specific nuances of moving different pianos, including disassembly and safe hoisting when necessary.

Grand Piano Moving

Moving a grand piano can be a daunting prospect, even for professional movers. If you’re not careful, your piano will be moved by inexperienced laborers with inadequate insurance for the move, transportation, etc. Let our team of experts take care of your grand piano from the starting point to the final destination using our experience and expertise to keep your piano safe.

Long-Distance Piano Moving

Need to move a piano a long-distance? We’ll make the process convenient from beginning to end no matter how far you’re moving. After all, during a big move, you don’t want to have to return halfway through the process to deal with a problem at the place you’re leaving!

Piano Storage Solutions

Need to have your piano stored before transporting it to your new home? No problem! We also provide storage facilities to make the move convenient for each customer.

Choose Georgetown Moving & Storage Company to Move Your Piano

If you’re looking for a piano moving company, you can rely on Georgetown Moving & Storage Company for the services you need.

For any inquiries about moving your piano, please give us a call at 703-889-8899. We will help you plan how best to transport it to your new home.

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