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Get a Certified Scale and Weight Ticket With Georgetown Moving & Storage Company

GSA Approved logoAs a government employee or a military member, relocating is often part of the job. Organizing your own move is usually the most convenient and cost-effective option, but to be properly reimbursed for your moving costs, you’ll need certified scale and weight tickets. These show the actual weight of the household goods that are being transported.

At Georgetown Moving and Storage Company, we can help with all the complicated logistics that a corporate, military, or government move entails, including obtaining certified weight and scale tickets.

Our company is GSA-certified to ensure we meet all government standards, and we provide both local moves in the Washington, DC, area and long-distance moves throughout the U.S.

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Do All Moving Trucks Need To Stop at Weigh Stations?

Weigh stations are found along major highways and are typically used to ensure that commercial vehicles aren’t overloaded and comply with all the state’s transportation laws. In 23 states, rental trucks moving personal property don’t need to stop at weigh stations, though, in other states, it depends on the truck’s weight.

If you’re moving locally or within the same state, a moving truck will generally not need to stop at a weigh station, but if you’re moving from state to state or across the country, it may have to stop more often.

Depending on the state, stopping at a weigh station may be necessary if the moving truck weighs greater than:

  • South Dakota & Virginia: 8,000 pounds
  • Illinois: 16,000 pounds
  • Missouri: 18,001 pounds
  • Oregon: 20,000 pounds
  • Alabama, Idaho & Montana: 26,000 pounds

Fourteen states require trucks to stop if the load exceeds 10,000 pounds. And eight states require all rental trucks to stop, including California, Florida, Indiana, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Vermont, and Wyoming.

We Can Help You Get the Exact Weight of Your Moving Truck

When a business or a government agency provides reimbursement for moving costs, it’s usually based on the weight of the transported items. To accurately weigh your belongings, our team will weigh our moving truck at a certified scale before we load any of your belongings.

Once all your times have been inventoried, packed, and moved onto our truck, we’ll weigh the truck again. By subtracting the vehicle’s empty weight from the loaded weight, the actual weight of your belongings can be calculated.

Depending on the requirements of your organization or military branch, we can obtain unloaded and loaded weights at the origin of the move, at the destination, or both.

We’ll make sure the scale and weight tickets include all the information required for full reimbursement, such as your identification details, the vehicle identification, the truck weight, the date, and the weigh master’s signature.

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Truck Weighing Locations in the DC Area

There are weigh stations in the DC area where you can get a certified scale and weight ticket, including:

  • CAT SCALE, I-95 & Route 1, Exit 41A , Jessup, MD 20794
  • 5801 Rolling Rd., Springfield, VA 22152

We also feature our own certified scale at Georgetown Moving and Storage. Our team can make the moving process as easy as possible by weighing your household goods at our facility located at 3900 Ironwood Pl., Landover, MD 20785.

Why Choose Georgetown Moving and Storage?

At Georgetown Moving and Storage, we’ve provided expert moving services for over 20 years in Arlington and the DC area, and each of our professional movers has at least two years of experience. We feature unparalleled service that has earned our company plenty of five-star customer reviews.

By choosing our team, you can expect a moving company that is:

  • Fully licensed, insured, and bonded
  • GSA-approved for military and government relocation
  • A registered common carrier by the U.S. DOT
  • A licensed interstate authority carrier by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Start planning your local or out-of-state move today. Call Georgetown Moving and Storage at (703) 889-8899 for your free moving estimate.

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Thank you for your service. The move went smoothly and your crew members were great – very helpful and professional. I will refer friends to your company in the future!

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My husband and I had an excellent experience with Georgetown Moving. From the first phone call, I felt that we had picked the right mover for us. When moving day came, I truly appreciated that the team came in and…

Claire Moving from Alexandria, VA to Durham, NC

I have to tell you that my experience with your company was superb. Mohammed and his co worker (I am not sure I got his name) were so quick, courteous and professional. Their attention to everything was thorough. I will…

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