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Moving Trucks in DC, MD & VA

As your moving day quickly approaches, you’re going to have a lot to think about. You want to make sure you have everything arranged to help the big day go smoothly. And, what’s the one thing you can’t forget? A moving truck and professional movers to help make the process more efficient.

Renting a moving truck to haul your own belongings can be intimidating. Driving a larger vehicle around the metro area and dealing with logistics of parking and loading in your old and new locations is not easy for an average homeowner. That’s why it’s easier for you to leave the driving, loading, and unloading to the experts! At Georgetown Moving and Storage Company, we offer professional full-service moving in the DC-area to help you with every kind of move imaginable.

Need a spacious, high-quality moving truck to transport your things and your family to a new home in the area? Relocating your business a few states over? We are ready to help!

Contact Georgetown Moving and Storage Company today at (703) 466-0575 or send us a note online


Moving Truck Service in DC, MD & VA

Are you moving to a home or apartment in the in Alexandria, Fairfax, Bethesda, or a surrounding area? We offer full-service moving for local moves and moving trucks for the day-of. Our professionals will be there on your big day to help with loading, unloading, and navigating your moving truck around the metro area. If you are moving locally, choose Georgetown Moving and Storage Company.


Long-Distance Moving Truck Service

If your move is taking you far away from the DC-area, you’re going to need a moving company that has experience with long-distance relocation. At Georgetown Moving and Storage Company, our long-distance moving services include a spacious, high-quality moving truck that will fit in all of your necessities and more! Plus, no matter where you are moving between the DC-area and the eastern United States, our professional truck drivers guarantee delivery in one, two, or three days depending on your destination.


Our Full-Service Moving Process

Wondering what sets us apart from other moving truck companies? It’s our commitment to full-service moving solutions. When you hire us to transport your belongings to your new location, you get way more than just a moving truck. This service includes access to:

  • Full or partial packing services, including supplied boxes and packing materials
  • Furniture wrapping in protective blankets and pads
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Loading and unloading the truck
  • Truck driving to your local or long distance destination
  • Piano transport
  • Custom crating
  • Hoisting services
  • And more!

Full-service moving from Georgetown Moving and Storage Company includes local and long distance moves. We come to your location and provide expert packing and loading services to free up your time on moving day and prevent personal injuries. We also handle driving the truck, which can be stressful if you’re not used to operating such a large vehicle.

At the end of the day, our ultimate goal is to help the moving process go smoothly and easily. We help with packing, loading, and delivering all your belongings so they end up in perfect condition when you unpack at your new location. If you are in need of full-service moving to or from the Washington, DC-metro area, contact Georgetown Moving and Storage Company.


Reserve Your Professional Moving Truck & Movers Today!

You can rely on Georgetown Moving and Storage Company to provide you and your family with a nearly effortless move. We’re proud to offer our customers more than just a moving truck. With great service and affordable pricing, we are the only name you need to know when it comes to moving in and around Maryland, Washington, DC, or Northern Virginia.

To learn more about our moving trucks, or to request a free full-service moving estimate, please call us at (703) 466-0575 or contact us online today.

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What Our Customers Say:
The move went very well!
Moving from Boston, MA to Fairfax, VA
Dear Georgetown Moving! The move went very well and Antonio and Ricardo and the rest of the crew did an excellent job. Thank you

The move went very, very well.
Moving from Arlington, VA to Fairfax, VA
Larry led the crew, Anthony, Tashawn, and Ron, very well. All of the young men were professional, pleasant, helpful, and hard workers. I felt badly for them because the destination did not have an elevator and was on the second floor. But, they never complained. They worked as a good team and you should be proud of your employees. They represent your company well. Nothing was broken, everything was delivered, and I am very satisfied.

I will recommend you guys to all my friends and family!
Moving from Washington, DC to Chicago, IL
I am writing to commend my moving team on an overall very simple and satisfying move from storage. My team worked diligently and maintained great spirits throughout the packing and the delivery days. I will recommend you guys to all my friends and family!

My movers were great in all ways!
Moving from Brooklyn, NY to Silver Spring, MD
Just wanted to commend the two men who did my move. They were great in all ways and it was a pleasure to work with them. They handled all problems with ease and professionalism. Malcolm and Larry, I believe, were their names.

I just wanted to say the movers were great!
Moving from Washington, DC to Arlington, VA
Thanks for sending really good moving crew, guys were very nice, courteous, and did a great job. My experience with Georgetown moving has been noting but superb.

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