Professional Packing Service in Washington, DC, Maryland & Northern Virginia

Packing Service in Washington, DC

Packing and moving your home or office can be a nightmare. From packing up boxes to planning your move, you’ve got a lot on your plate. However, you don’t have to go through it alone—let us do the packing! At Georgetown Moving and Storage Company, we offer full and partial packing service in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

We pride ourselves on saving you time and keeping your move as simple as possible. In order to continue doing that, we offer a variety of tools and packing materials on our online store. We will happily deliver all boxes and packing materials, as well as answer any questions you may have. We love to provide solutions to our customers and look forward to making your next transition as simple, affordable, and stress-free as possible.

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Packing Supplies Guide

If you prefer to pack your items yourself, we ask that you please consult our packing supplies guide to ensure the safety of your items during the move. However, we recommend our packing service in Washington, DC, to ensure that your items are handled as carefully as possible.


Types of Packing Boxes

BOOK BOXES (1.5 cubic feet) 17×12.5×12.5 – Small boxes are very useful for more than just packing books. Those smaller items found in drawers can slip inside easily, plus these boxes work quite well when trying to pack things like documents, pictures, and CD or DVD collections.

MEDIUM BOXES (3.0 cubic feet) 18x18x16 – The medium-sized boxes work great when packing bathroom supplies, items from the closet, and knick-knacks commonly found in the garage. The medium boxes often prove key when packing away things we often forget about until moving day.

LARGE BOXES (4.5 cubic feet) 18x18x24 – As professional movers in the DC metro area for several years, we recommend large cartons for bedroom items like pillows, linen, and comforters. In addition, the size of these cartons makes them ideal for packing clothes out of drawers and bulky items coming out of the attic, like Christmas decorations and other seasonal memorabilia.

DISH PACK BOX (6.0 cubic feet) 18x18x32 – Nothing is better for packing fragile supplies found in the kitchen and dining room. The Dish Pack Box works wonders protecting valued china, dishes, and glasses due to its double-sided walls – which provide additional safety for fragile items during transition.

PICTURE BOX – With a set of four properly constructed picture boxes, you can create shelter from the elements while providing safety during any move for your most prized pictures, regardless of size. As a precaution, put each picture box in the picture corner and then slide individual boxes together to make one unified picture carton. This is the best way to preserve those captured memories safely and effectively.


Additional Packing Supplies

PACKING PAPER – Wrapping fragile items in this unprinted white paper is an excellent way of preserving them during transition. Covering each item with just two sheets prior to boxing them up is usually enough protection to withstand the move.

PACKING TAPE – Tape is an essential when moving; without it, packed boxes could open up and spill all of your cherished personal items. If there ever was an invaluable component to relocation, reliable tape is likely the most fundamental part of the equation.

BUBBLE WRAP – Bubble wrap is essentially plastic wrapping containing small bubbles filled with air. It is exceptionally useful protection for those highly-prized or breakable items. Also, if you want to prevent resistance between items packed together, bubble wrap is the way to go!

KRAFT BUBBLE – Similar to bubble wrap—only paper—Kraft Bubble has small air bubbles that make packing small or large pictures ideal in the picture boxes, as well as great when putting furniture into storage for added protection.

STORAGE PAPER – One big sheet of storage paper contains four layers of gray paper, which protects wooden items from dust during storage, and acts as a great alternative to moving pads.

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What Packing Supplies Should I Use on Moving Day?

On the day of your move, we will bring the supplies needed to move your large furniture and mattresses. For our packing service in Washington, DC, we utilize a number of additional materials, including:

MOVING BLANKETS – Moving blankets protect your furniture during the moving process.

WARDROBE BOXES – Any hanging clothes will be packed by professional movers on moving day in a wardrobe box, which maintains cleanliness and prevents wrinkles.

MATRESS BAGS – This very large bag is designed specifically to cover mattresses and box springs during moves.


Additional Packing Tips

LABELS – Properly labelling each box makes the moving process much easier once you begin settling into your new home. Labels like “kitchen,” “dining room,” and “master bedroom” work wonders you’re your movers are unloading your packed boxes. Marking boxes as “fragile” or “heavy” also helps movers act accordingly to ensure the safety of your personal belongings.

PICTURES AND MIRRORS – Inform us as soon as possible if select prints of art, mirrors, or objects comprised of marble require special packaging. Giving us a heads-up allows us time to make sure we have correctly-sized crates and the proper materials needed to ensure its safety during transport.

AUDIO, VIDEO, AND COMPUTER EQUIPMENT – Before the start of your move, please turn off and disconnect all electronic devices, if possible. This helps prevent the damaging of fragile electronic components. Also, don’t forget to ensure the proper labeling and packaging of these items if you are packing them yourself.

LAMPS – Movers will place lampshades in whichever box best houses them. Lamps will be packed and wrapped in moving blankets, then placed inside a commercial bin for added security.

CUSTOMIZED CRATING – Glass, marble, mirrors, art work, and antiques serve as just a few examples of the many belongings we can custom crate. Our on-site developer will prepare a crate for any sized item that needs prioritization during transport.

CUSTOMER PACK – As a disclaimer, we cannot accept responsibility for the safety and security of items not assembled by staff of Georgetown Moving and Storage Company.


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