Partial Packing Services in DC, MD & VA

Moving opens up all kinds of opportunities for meeting new people and having unique experiences. Whether you’re moving into a bigger home across town or relocating your commercial office across state lines, one fact is simple: you must pack up your entire home or business before you can move anywhere.

If this thought overwhelms you, rest assured that Georgetown Moving and Storage Company offers the packing services you need. Partial-service packing is one of our most popular options. To find out more about this service, read on. If you know our partial-packing service is right for you, contact our team online or by phone at (703) 889-8899 today!

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What is Partial-Service Packing?

Compared to full-service packing, where professional movers pack up all your items, partial-service packing is more flexible. You may have the time to pack many of your belongings but want extra help with fragile or bulky items. This means partial-service packing is right for you.

This service amounts to the customer packing roughly 70% of their items and movers packing the remaining 30%. Our fully trained, licensed, and courteous movers take packing very seriously. Any items we personally pack up in your house, apartment, or office are guaranteed to be safe and secure during the moving process.

Here are the types of partial-service packing you can request from Georgetown Moving and Storage Company:

    • Kitchen packing. The kitchen is one of the most demanding rooms to pack. Our crew offers professional kitchen packing techniques to ensure your fine China, glasses, and other breakables are packed tightly and securely.
    • Bathroom packing. While you focus on last-minute packing in other rooms, you can ask your movers to tackle the job of packing the bathroom. You’ll find it goes much faster with an extra pair of hands.
    • Fragile item packing. Plan to leave out lamps, LED TVs, sensitive electronics, pictures, mirrors, and other fragile or bulky items for extra help packing them properly on moving day.
  • Furniture wrapping. Scratches and dents are common if you skip furniture wrapping. Let our experienced movers complete this task to protect your furnishings on their way to your new home or business location.

What We Supply on Moving Day

Regardless of the packing services you request, we always bring essential packing supplies with us on moving day. These include:

  • Moving blankets to protect your furniture during the move.
  • Wardrobe boxes to help you transport hanging clothes efficiently.
  • Mattress bags to cover mattresses and box springs so they don’t get dirty.

Our Packing Materials Store

Even if you decide to do most of the packing yourself, you still need boxes and supplies to get the job done. For affordable packing materials, you can turn to our online supplies store. All orders within the Washington, DC metro area come with free delivery!

For advice on how many boxes you should order, call our experts at (703) 889-8899.

You can also pick up boxes and supplies in person at our Alexandria store, located at 6025 Farrington Avenue Unit B, Alexandria, VA 22304. We’re open Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Some of the moving supplies we sell include:

  • Small, medium, and large boxes
  • Double-walled dish boxes
  • Picture boxes
  • Moving kits for studio apartments and bedrooms
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape and dispensers
  • Stretch and bubble wrap

Schedule Partial-Service Packing in DC, VA or MD

When it comes to making your move a success, a little extra help packing up heavy, bulky, or fragile items goes a long way. Our goal is to make your move as stress-free as possible, so be sure to ask us about the other ways we can help. To arrange your partial-service packing, please contact Georgetown Moving and Storage Company today!