Hoisting Services in Washington, DC

When you moved into your current house, you might have bought a king-size bed frame and assembled it in your master bedroom. Now that it’s time to move again, you have no idea how to get it downstairs in one piece.

The fact is doorways, corridors, and staircases are often too narrow for large furniture items—including pianos, TVs, couches, beds, and appliances—to pass through. If you can’t bear to leave these possessions behind, hoisting services from Georgetown Moving and Storage Company may be just what you need.

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Hoisting Services

Hoisting is the process of lifting and lowering items with a tether strap. Three experienced movers are required to hoist your large furniture items out the window, onto the roof, or over a balcony. Two movers raise or lower the furniture while a third guides the piece away from any obstacles. Once the piece is at ground level, it’s easy to carry it the rest of the way to the moving truck.

We take special care when hoisting furniture to prevent damaging the item or building. For instance, if we’re lowering a dresser over the balcony in your living room, we’ll cover the banister with a moving blanket first, so it doesn’t become dented or scratched in the process.

To clarify, hoisting is a delicate procedure that requires careful training and experience. You should never attempt to hoist bulky furniture items from the upper levels of your home without help from a professional mover.

Craning Services

If a furniture item, such as a grand piano, is too heavy to hoist “by hand,” we will use a crane to lower it to ground level. This requires special prepping and rigging. Depending on street access, we may need to obtain a permit or police detail to perform this service.

Insuring Large, Expensive Belongings

Items that require hoisting or craning are often high in value. For your peace of mind, Georgetown Moving and Storage Company offers insurance protection for all the belongings we move.

Your first option is Basic Valuation Protection, available free of charge for all customers. This provides coverage for up to $0.60 per pound with an upper limit of $50 per item.

When you need more than just basic coverage for your large, expensive belongings, we encourage you to purchase Full Value Protection with coverage starting at $6 per pound. If any items in your move are valued at more than $100 per pound, we’ll ask you to fill out a special shipping document, declaring this possession an item of extraordinary value. We are one of only a handful of movers to provide this option for furniture.

Why Choose Georgetown Moving and Storage Company for Hoisting Services in Washington, DC?

Because hoisting and craning are delicate processes that require special training and experience, you only want a qualified mover to perform these services for you. Put your mind at ease by choosing Georgetown Moving and Storage Company for the job. Here’s what we offer:

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