What Is The Difference Between Full Service Secured Storage And Self Storage

Are you thinking about storing furniture, documents, household goods, or anything that does not explode? There are a lot of considerations to keep in mind when choosing both a type of storage facility and a type of storage unit.

There are two main types of storage facilities. Self-storage facilities are the most popular, and when people talk about storage, most of the time they are talking about a public storage facility. Public storage facilities are warehouse-like buildings with individual rooms, or units, of varying sizes that are equipped with lift gates instead of doors.

These units can be accessed either inside the building or outside, where one can drive right up to the gate of the storage unit as it is facing outside. Public storage units are usually secured by a gate that requires a key code to open. Individual units are expected to be secured by the customer, who should provide their own lock for the door. Disadvantage is that anybody can damage the lock and enter your goods.

Self Storage facilities are either climate controlled or temperature controlled. Temperature controlled storage facilities are set to a specific temperature, usually a temperature that will not damage furniture or anything in anyway. Climate controlled facilities do not exert any control over the temperature – the temperature inside the building fluctuates with the temperature outside. Extreme temperatures and levels of humidity can damage storage inventory if it is susceptible, so consider what you are storing and if it needs to be kept at a stable temperature. Self-storage facilities do not provide any labor assistance at any time.

Full service storage facilities provided by moving companies are usually warehouses with a full loading dock. Full service storage facilities can have secure rooms much like their self storage counterparts, or they might have a slightly different method of organizing inventory. Georgetown Moving and Storage uses secure vault system and the inventory of individual customers is placed in large crates. Full service moving companies, like Georgetown Moving and Storage, usually are not public access facilities. Customers cannot access their storage unit whenever they like, they need to make an appointment. Full service storage facilities need to have staff on duty to supervise the warehouse while a customer accesses their inventory to keep high security to your goods.

That staff member can also assist you in moving furniture or larger, bulky items. In order to be approved to store anything for the government or government employees that are being compensated by the government, storage facilities need to be GSA approved. In order to be GSA approved, storage facilities have to have specific levels of security, and cannot allow any customer unsupervised access. Full service storage facilities are locked at night, and are usually open during the day while employees are loading, unloading, or moving units around. Full service storage facilities are either climate controlled or temperature controlled, just like self service storage facilities.

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