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Types of Moving Boxes For Local & Long-Distance Moves or Long-Term Storage

Moving your belongings safely and securely requires different types of materials. Boxes are an essential material for moving. Different boxes have different capacities and uses.

Georgetown Moving small boxes are 16x13x13 with about 1.5 cubic feet of space. We recommend using small boxes for heavier objects such as books, CDs, etc.

Medium moving boxes are 18x18x16.5 and have about 3 cubic feet of room. They are best used for most belongings. Toys, computer parts, electronics, and other miscellaneous items go in the medium sized boxes, as their combined weight could break a large sized box. Medium boxes are also useful for protecting lamp shades, and similar items. Our large size boxes are 24x18x18.5 and can fit 4.5 cubic feet worth of belongings.

Large moving and storage boxes are best used for lightweight, bulky items like bedding, clothing, and linens. You do not want to pack heavy things in larger boxes. When you pick up the box, the bottom could break, or the sides. Recently, a customer packed free weights for exercising into a large box. When a mover went to pick up the box, the box tore open because of the weight, and everything spilled out all over the floor. To avoid this happening to your belongings, please try not to overload your boxes.

Georgetown Movers small, medium, and large boxes are single wall boxes. That means that that box has been constructed using one layer of cardboard. While this type of construction is fine for most items, for delicate, breakable items such as glass or china, we recommend using a box that has double walls. Our dish boxes are designed to protect these types of items and are substantially sturdier than single wall boxes.

They are our most protected box, and measure 18x18x28. They have 5.2 cubic feet of space. If you have pictures, paintings, mirrors, televisions, or anything thin that you would like to protect, Georgetown Moving and Storage also has picture boxes that interlock to form to the shape of the item. Each picture box is fitted around a corner of the object, and then secured together. Smaller items only need two picture boxes, while larger items could use more than four if they are very tall or wide.

However, Georgetown Moving and Storage can protect your item no matter how large it is. Please note that picture boxes must be ordered in pairs, as at least two boxes must be used for each item. If you would like to move your clothes without packing and wrinkling them, Georgetown Moving and Storage also has wardrobe boxes. Wardrobe boxes are double walled like our dish boxes. They are about four feet tall and offer about two feet of hanging space inside. They come with a bar that goes across the top of the box to provide support and to hang clothes from.

Georgetown Moving and Storage will deliver boxes in two business days for free with any purchase of $50. Take advantage of our competitive rates and get your moving boxes and supplies from Georgetown Moving and Storage today!

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