Top Reasons To Move To Washington DC Metro Area

Washington DC Metro Area, the Capitol of United States of America is one of the most interesting areas to live and work in entire US. Learn more why people move to Washington DC area from out of state with Georgetown Moving and Storage Company.

1. Job market – Washington and the surrounding area are home to the federal government. There are a plethora of government agencies and departments that are constantly hiring. All the government workers create demand for other goods and services as well, which creates even more jobs. The federal government props up employment, prices, and businesses in the Washington area.

2. Housing – buying a house in the Washington area is a great investment. Even during the housing market crisis, Washington home prices did not fall nearly as much as other areas, and home prices in Washington rebounded much quicker than other areas of the country. Washington has all kinds of housing available – apartments, condos, townhouses, split level houses, homes, and of course, dormitories for college students!

3. Four seasons – the weather in Washington changes every couple of months. By choosing to live here, you experience a range of climates and temperatures which are a nice departure from the monotony of a single climate area.

4. Diverse cultural experience – people from all over the world live in and around Washington DC. No matter where you are from, there is a bar, restaurant, or coffee shop where you can go to hear your language and speak with people from the same area, not to mention the familiar food you can eat! There are usually neighborhoods or areas where foreign communities are concentrated, like the Vietnamese population in Annandale, VA or Chinatown in Washington.

5. Restaurants, food, and drink – Washington has some of the best restaurants of every type of cuisine you can think of. From swanky Brazilian steakhouses to Ethiopian restaurants to crab shacks and food trucks, Washington has any kind of restaurant you would want to go to, at any price you are looking for. Maryland is famous for its crab dishes and its crab seasoning. You can get the best soft shell crab you have ever had if you have time to look or ask around in Maryland. Virginia, Maryland, and Washington all boost an impressive list of vineyards and breweries. Not so many vineyards in Washington, but Virginia makes up for what Washington lacks. There are numerous ale trails, wine tastings, and wine pairings in the area.

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