6 Tips for Moving in the Snow

It’s necessary to set your moving date weeks or even months in advance. If you’re moving in the winter, this could very well mean relocating while it’s snowing. Just in case Mother Nature has a surprise in store for you, prepare now with these six tips for moving in the snow.

Clear a Path

To make sure your movers have sure footing when carrying heavy boxes and furniture out to the moving truck, shovel the sidewalks and driveway before they arrive. Then, apply a layer of sand or salt to prevent ice from forming underfoot.

To keep the interior from becoming wet and slippery, lay down cardboard, rugs, and old towels for people to walk on. This also helps to protect the floor from sand and salt. If needed, consider having some movers stay inside and hand boxes off to people on the outside so moisture and deicer aren’t tracked into the house.

Pull Up the Moving Truck as Close as Possible

Not only does this shorten the distance you have to walk in the snow, but it minimizes the amount of time snow can fall on your boxes and furniture. Cover particularly valuable items or those prone to water damage with moving blankets before carrying them outside.

Keep Hot Beverages Available

With snow comes cold, and with the cold comes numb fingers. It’s difficult to carry boxes when you can’t feel your hands, so consider offering coffee, tea, or hot cocoa to everyone on moving day. Not only is this a nice gesture, but it also helps ensure the safety of your belongings on their way to the moving truck.

Seal Up Boxes Tightly

It’s not a big deal if you forget to seal up a few boxes on a sunny day, but if it’s snowing, you don’t want your belongings to get drenched. Be thorough when you close up boxes with packing tape, making sure to block all corners and cracks.

Then, consider laying down a protective tarp or blanket in the moving truck so your cardboard boxes don’t sit right where snowy, muddy boots have trodden. If possible, set down plastic bins and metal containers that are impervious to snow with cardboard boxes safely on top.

Dress in Layers

Moving in the snow is tricky because it’s cold, but you work up a sweat with all that packing and carrying. The key is to wear unrestrictive layers that provide you with the warmth you need. Hats, gloves, sweaters, coats, and durable boots are a must to keep you warm and dry.

Prepare for a Possible Cancellation

Moving companies have the right to postpone moving day in extreme weather. After all, if a severe storm has made the roads impassable, moving trucks won’t be able to reach you. This is why you should wait until the last minute to pack food, clothing, and bedding, especially if you’re moving in the winter. If your utilities are scheduled to shut off, contact your utility providers to ask if you can delay the service transfer. If worst comes to worst, you can stay in a hotel until your rescheduled moving day arrives.

Get Help Moving in the Snow

You have no control over the weather, but you can decide how much work you want to do when it’s snowing on moving day. Team up with Georgetown Moving and Storage Company to make your wintertime move much less stressful. We provide our services snow or shine, as long as the roads remain passable.

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