Short Distance Moving Tips For Washington DC Metro Area

Moving a short distance of 15 miles or less can be very cheap even when hiring a professional moving company if done the right way. When moving a short distance the time it takes to drive from the two locations should be negligible, unless you are moving around Washington DC during rush hour.

That means that the majority of the move time will be spent loading and unloading the truck. You can do certain things to ensure that your move goes as smoothly and as quickly as possible during both the load and unload. First of all, if you live in an apartment or condo building, reserve an elevator and a loading dock for your moving truck.

We cannot stress enough how much it slows down a move when an elevator is not available for our exclusive use. Not having an elevator reserved can easily double the estimated time of a move. Same thing applies to having a loading dock or parking space reserved. Long carries to and from the moving truck to the house or apartment can add quite a bit of time to the move.

By reserving a parking spot close to the house or elevator you can ensure that your move will have the best possible chance of finishing early and saving you money. If you live in a house and have stairs that the movers will need to climb, please remove any clutter or debris from the stairs and from around the bottom and top of the stairs.

Having boxes and furniture prepared for the movers will greatly expedite things on move day. If you can disassemble any larger furniture pieces, that will save a lot of time. The more complicated it is to disassemble the piece of furniture, the longer it will take the movers to take it apart. Since you, the owner, would presumable be more familiar with your furniture than the moving crew, it would save a lot of time and money if you disassemble anything you can.

A big advantage of moving a short distance in Washington DC area is being able to visit your new home before the move in date. You can see the layout of the new place and plan where everything will go. This can save you the time of doing that on move day. If you can move things into your new residence before the move date and want to save some money, you can start moving boxes, personal items, and any smaller items that you can easily move yourself.

Any items or boxes you can move yourself before the move date will be less items for the movers to move, which will save you time and money.

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