Residential and Commercial Safes and Vaults Moving Services in Washington DC

Some items seems almost impossible to move because of the bulk nature of the item or heavy weight. If the idea of transporting an item seems daunting to you, local movers can help!

If you residential customer or office manager that need to move a gun or document safe, or an extremely heavy object, look no further than Georgetown Moving and Storage. We are experts at moving safes, security vaults and heavy equipment.

We have specialized equipment to much such an items. We use heavy-duty two part hydraulic lifts and dollies to move your safe quickly and safely (no pun intended!). Georgetown moving and Storage can handle safes of all sizes – we have transported safes weighing in excess of 1200 lbs.

If the safe have confidential or secret material, it can even be left in the safe while we transport it. There are some exceptions to items that can be left in the safe. Due to regulatory restrictions, we cannot transport any firearms, explosives, or any flammable materials, even if the safe is fire-proof. Before we arrive, it will streamline our job if the customer clears the path to the safe so that our movers can easily get to the safe and get it out. Likewise, there should be a predetermined space for the safe at the destination, as well as a clear path for the safe to be moved there.

Georgetown Moving and Storage has conducted moves for numerous government offices and agencies that had confidential documents and items in industrial secured safes. We are proud to declare that we accomplished these difficult relocations with no problems or hiccups.

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