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Top Reasons to Move to Arlington, VA

Located just five miles west of Washington, DC, Arlington is the perfect middle ground between urban life in the capital and other bedroom communities that surround DC. The population here is a sizable 220,000, and residents enjoy all the amenities you might expect of a city that’s been ranked one of the Top 100 Best Places to Live in America.

Could Arlington be the right move for you and your family? Check out the top six reasons people who live here never want to leave.

Easy Access to DC

The residential turnover rate in Arlington is quite high because many people move here to work for a presidential administration, which changes every four to eight years. However, many residents choose to settle down in this community for the same reason White House employees move here in the first place – easy access to the capital.

Back in the 1960s, Arlington lobbied to run the Metro subway system underground with high-density development nearby. This created the “urban village” feel that sets Arlington apart today. Many residential properties, retail space, offices, and government buildings are located near Metro stops in Arlington to facilitate a more effortless commute to DC. Of course, if you prefer to bike to work, you can join the 1,000 people who cross into the capital on two wheels every day.

Growing Economy

It only makes sense to relocate to a new area if you’re confident about the job scene. The unemployment rate in Arlington is 3.7% compared to the U.S. rate of 4.9%. Many residents here work for the US Government or the Armed Forces, but many others are employed by small business owners. This indicates the strong entrepreneurship in our community, which had led to a steadily growing economy in recent years.


Arlington is only 26 square miles, but it’s the proud home to people from over 140 countries. This makes for a diverse community and excellent dining scene, with eclectic restaurants owned by natives of the regions where their cuisine comes from.

Great Schools

A quality school district is a top priority for parents thinking about moving to a community where 72% of the population has a bachelor’s degree or higher. The Arlington County Public School District offers many public and private grade school options. Then, living here gives you convenient access to Marymount University in northwest Arlington and George Mason University in nearby Fairfax.

Active Arts Scene

Residents of our community are proud to support local artists through the Arlington Arts Center, which you can visit with your family to enjoy contemporary exhibitions, educational programs, and even subsidized studio spaces to work on your own artistic endeavors. Also located in town is the Arlington Artists Alliance, a non-profit organization that promotes visual arts in the community, and Lee Visual Arts Center, an art school that encourages creativity and fun.

Wonderful Attractions

From the Air Force Memorial to Arlington Cemetery to the National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial, many of the attractions in Arlington relate to our country’s history. Other great sites to see include Potomac Overlook Regional Park, Upton Hill Regional Park, and a 1930s-style theater called Arlington Cinema.

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