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How to Store Your Electronics in a Storage Unit

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Steps to Proper Packing & Storage

Computers, televisions, home entertainment systems, gaming systems, and other sensitive electronics are among your most precious items. Costly to purchase and often costlier to repair or replace, these items need special attention during the moving process.

If you’re planning to store your items before delivery, these are the steps we recommend to keep your items safe, secure, and in good condition.

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Back Up Data of Devices & Consoles Before Storage

Your electronics are valuable, but the information they contain is invaluable and often irreplaceable. Before disconnecting computers or laptops, always back up your data by uploading it to the cloud or backing it up on an external hard drive.

While we make every effort to ensure the safety of your electronics in storage, keeping your external hard drives off-site is advisable for additional protection against data loss. It’s also best to carefully review any manufacturer-specific recommendations regarding parking hard drives and preparing your electronics for moving and storage.

Organize Your Electronics for Packing

The first step is to organize your electronics. You can do this by size, material, and length of storage. You’ll want to secure and label all cords, accessories, and peripherals, as these items are easy to misplace and lose.

Rather than attaching them to your computers or televisions, placing these items together in a sturdy, clearly labeled container such as a plastic tote is advisable.

We recommend removing batteries from computer mice, laptops, TV remotes, or other battery-operated electronics. Batteries can leak corrosive substances that can permanently damage these items.

If you have any items with lithium-ion batteries, you’ll want to ensure these are removed and stored in a well-ventilated, climate-controlled space, as these pose a considerable fire hazard.

Clean & Pack Your Electronics in Protective Coverings

Once your electronics are itemized and organized, you’ll want to ensure that each item is properly cleaned and packed. Whenever possible, original packaging is best for this.

However, many television, computer, gaming system, and home entertainment system manufacturers provide custom storage cases that may be worth the investment depending on the age and replacement cost of the item.

If original packaging and custom cases aren’t available or cost-effective, then you’ll want to invest in reliable packing materials. This includes bubble wrap, tape, blankets, and cardboard.

These materials will help protect your items from scratches, dents, and other damage. When packing, pay particular attention to protecting screens and peripheral ports, which are most vulnerable to damage.

Choose a Climate-Controlled Storage Facility

Climate-controlled storage is essential for protecting delicate electronics from damage caused by excessive temperatures or humidity. Exposure to extreme heat or cold and excess humidity can ruin wiring and hard drives, encourage corrosion, and cause permanent, irreversible damage to a wide range of components.

When you consider the cost of replacing computers, home entertainment systems, and other electronics, climate-controlled storage is a cost-effective investment that will protect your electronics and help protect the invaluable data, photographs, videos, games, programs, and personal memories they contain.

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Store Your Electronics With Georgetown Moving and Storage

At Georgetown Moving and Storage Company, our extensive storage facility options give you the flexibility you need at the affordable price you deserve. Our options include climate-controlled storage protecting electronics, artwork, wine, and other valuables from damage.

As a leader in the moving and storage industry, you can rely on our GSA-certified moving specialists to provide the reliable solutions you deserve. Whether you need to store items for a short or indefinite period, we’ll keep them safe and secure until you’re ready to have them delivered to your home.

Call (703) 889-8899 to get a free estimate for the storage solutions you need.

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