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Protection of Furniture, Household Goods, Walls and Appliances While Moving

Is protection of furniture, household walls and appliances your top concern when it comes time for your move? The number one way to protect your valuables on your move is to hire professional movers. Our trained movers from Georgetown Moving and Storage know exactly what steps to take to ensure that your home remains scratch free and your belongings are secured properly. If hiring movers does not fit your budget, make sure to protect your goods yourself by reviewing the many materials necessary for a damage and stress-free move listed below that our movers use for a vast majority of the moves we provide.

Before the start of the move, it is imperative that our movers examine to the floors of the household before bringing any materials and dollies into the premises. Many times our movers will recommend that Masonite be used to protect the floors from any scuffing or scratching. This also applies even if you think that dollies will be used during the move (in case of any possible accidents that could occur). When it comes to the walls and corners, sometimes the owner may feel more comfortable with a little protection when moving larger and heavier furniture. It is often a good idea to put a Coroplast layer on the walls by narrow spaces. This is especially important when customers have recently painted their old or new house.

We guarantee that for every move that we make, your furniture will be wrapped in soft furniture pads which are crucial for ensuring that it will be scuff-free. All pads that are fitted individually around each piece of furniture are then secured by multiple layers of wrapping tape. For larger furniture such as couches, we provide two furniture pads for the ends and then tightly stretch wrap the middle section to keep it as clean as can be.

If you are performing a self pack of your valuables into boxes prior to the arrival, remember to obtain packing paper in advance and wrap all dishes and glassware. When our movers perform in home packing of boxes, it is required to create bumpers by wadding up two sheets of paper and then wrapping them in another. Then place three to four these bumpers at the bottom of every box containing delicate items and then another row at the top before closing it up. This is extremely important as to not only to provide a layer of protection for your items in the box, but it also provides more support for the box at the edges and corners when stacking multiple boxes on top of each other during transit.

One recommendation we often make to clients is to label boxes that they are packing with room locations to drop them off at in the new home that they are moving to. This helps to increase the speed of the delivery at the end of your long moving day. Have questions about materials needed for your move? Feel free to email us or call at Georgetown Moving and Storage!

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