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Do I Need a Portable Storage Unit Permit in DC?

The convenience of utilizing portable storage cannot be overstated. Whether you’re looking to complete a local move, or you simply need more space and are looking for a reliable way to get things loaded on your schedule, they’re a great option! However, they’re an option best acquired legally. Asking yourself, “Do I need a portable storage unit permit in Washington, DC?” The short answer is yes! But follow along to learn all of the important details.

When Do I Need a Portable Storage Unit Permit?

Any time you plan to park a portable storage unit or “POD-like” storage unit in the parking lane in front of your home, you need an appropriate permit. You also need a permit if you plan to locate the storage unit on your front or side yard, as most districts still consider these places public.

How Do I Get a Portable Storage Unit Permit in Washington, DC?

The District Department of Transportation handles issuing portable unit parking permits. This can be done in person, but it is substantially simpler to complete the process online. To do the process online, you will need to:

  • Register on the DDOT website
  • Apply for your permit with the online application—you’ll need to know if the place you are parking is metered, and the application requires the full name of the storage company you are renting the unit from
  • Once the application is approved, you can print the permit off at home (or anywhere there is a printer), or you can use DDOT kiosks, which are located at all MPD district locations

Do I Need “No Parking” Signs?

It is highly advisable, yes! If you do not place “No Parking” signs at your designated and registered delivery location, then you have no legal right to restrict parking in that space. “No Parking” signs must be placed at the parking spot a full 72 hours before the unit is delivered or you have no claim to the space.

You will be asked if you need “No Parking” signs during your application. These cannot be printed, but you can get them at the DDOT office or a designated MPD District-located kiosk.

How Much Does a Portable Storage Permit Cost?

In Washington, DC portable storage parking permits cost $50 for an 8×12 space and an additional $25 for an additional 6 feet. You can pay online with accepted cards, or you can write a check, though a check is much slower.

What Happens if I Don’t Get a Portable Storage Permit?

Realistically, no portable storage company will provide you with a unit without an appropriate permit. Any action otherwise could put the business in serious hot water, and the fines would be massive! Hypothetically, if you were to place a portable storage unit in a public space without proper permits, or if you were to leave the unit in the space past your permit’s life span (usually 5 days), you would also be heavily fined.

Superior Portable Storage Units in Washington, DC

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