Pool Table Moving Services

Moving pool tables and combination pool tables are a challenge regardless of who is moving them. The sheer weight alone makes them difficult to move. Not including the challenge to disassemble and reassemble the table. Here are a few quick tips to make the move easier with a pool table.

Cut the felt. During transit and relocation of your pool table, it will become unlevel and may need shims to even the slate out. Have the felt off the slate to make placing shims between the slate and the frame easier to install.

Have specialty tools ready. Some tables have special tools to remove rails and other attachments. Having the tools on standby will make it a lot easier for our movers to disassemble and reassemble your table

Clear the surrounding area and the path leading outside. The pool table has some weight to it between 800 to 1200 pounds depending on table size. 7 foot, 8 foot and 9 foot tables are the most common sizes. Having the path and surrounding area clear will make moving the pool table much easier.

Understand that the slate of the table can be a one piece or three pieces weighing in between 500 to 750 pounds. Thats without the rails! Some pool tables weigh as much as a piano. To know if you have a one piece or a three piece slate as the maker of your pool table or the size can give it away. All 7 foot pool tables and some 8 foot pool tables are one piece slates and all 9 foot pool tables are three pieces. To measure your pool table, just measure the playable length inside the rails on the felt.

When at the new location and placing the pool table, find a flat carpeted area to place the table frame. For reassembly, call a pool table mechanic to level the slate and place on the new felt for your table.

For any pool table jobs, please contact our friend John Burns – Classic Billard Service at https://classicbilliardservice.com/

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