Moving With Pets

Moving with a pet? With the door being constantly open during a move, your pet can get outside and run into the street where they could get hurt.

Plan ahead so that your pet isnt injured and youre not overwhelmed at the last minute. See if a friend can watch them on the day of the move, drop your furry companion off the night before your scheduled move so youre not distracted the day-of. If you have a kennel or crate you can put your pet in it while people are coming in and out of the residence with heavy items and boxes.

For long moves consider packing a separate bag for your animal. Take some of their favorite food, as well as some water, because water characteristics can change regionally. If you are traveling with cats, they can generally travel for about eight hours without having to use the litterbox, so keep that in mind for rest stops. Put new ID tags with your new address and cell phone number on your pets collar. You should have your pets health certificate on hand during interstate travel, as many states require one. Highway patrolmen have the right to inspect your pets health certificate, and you can be fined for not having one.

Dogs and cats arent the only animals that get to move to a new home. Each year, millions of families move with their exotic pets. Moving exotic animals requires careful research and special handling. If you cannot take your pet with you during the move, there are many animal relocation companies that will transport your animals using their own vehicles or by prearranging appropriate relocation methods and boarding.

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