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Don’t Move to DC Before Knowing These Tips

Washington DC, also known as “The District” to locals, is much more than just where the President lives. It’s an incredibly vibrant and diverse city full of culture and history; but you must already know that if you’ve decided to make the big move, right? Moving, in general, is very overwhelming, but moving to a big and brand-new city can amplify that anxious feeling. Check out the following tips, tricks, and tidbits that will help ease those stresses and welcome you to The District with open arms!

Know My ‘Hood

When deciding to move to DC, deciding where exactly you want to live is step #1. DC is huge. There are two divisions of the Washington metropolitan area and 21 neighborhoods that further segment those two divisions, not considering the surrounding suburbs in Virginia and Maryland. If you’ve narrowed your search down to the actual city area, you have your choice of 21 neighborhoods. Each one has its own personality and offers different and exciting things. Dupont Circle has an abundance of bistros, bars, and boutiques along Connecticut Avenue. Capitol Hill, one of the most popular places to live, boasts 19th-century row houses and a lively dining and nightlife scene. Georgetown is where history and modernity meet with cobblestone sidewalks and some of the most fashionable shops in the area. Do a bit of research to determine which neighborhood fits your budget, personality, and needs the most.

Do I Need a Car?

You may not know that DC has one of the cleanest and safest public transport systems in the country, which has been dubbed the Metro by locals. DC also has one of the highest taxi-to-person ratios in the country, constant Lyft or Uber options, and a Capital Bikeshare program if you’re a bike rider. If all of these options fail, you can always walk! The District is one of the most walkable cities with wide sidewalks and crosswalks. When planning your move, determine how often you’ll need a car to get around. You might realize you won’t need one at all, which will save you lots of money and effort when trying to find a place to park. Not to mention, you do not want to be sitting in the infamous Beltway traffic if you absolutely don’t have to. Before you ask, yes, the traffic really is that bad.

My Rent Will Be How Much?!

We can’t sugarcoat this part for you: Washington DC is the sixth most expensive city in the country, and the cost of living is high. The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is about $2,100, and the average home price is about $790,000. The good news, however, is that salaries here are higher with the average being about $62,000. Make sure you have a very serious look at your finances and budget before signing the lease on that dream apartment overlooking the Potomac River. However, don’t despair! There are plenty of affordable options and neighborhoods in town. Right now, Petworth, 16th Street Heights, and Anacostia are popular.

Anything Else I Need to Know?

Here are some final tidbits that you’ll need to know in order to become a real local:

  • When dealing with the Metro, walk left and stand right. This is the biggest rule when you’re on the stairs or escalators in the Metro stations. The escalators are very long, and you do not want to get in the way of fast-moving commuters during rush hours.
  • The dress code is conservative for everyone. Another unspoken rule of the District is the dress code. Although it’s obvious that Congressional staffers are dressed more formally than others, you may be surprised to see just how conservatively everyone is dressed. When interviewing for jobs in DC, always err on the side of business formal.
  • Food is a big deal, especially brunch. DC has always had great food, but within the past decade, new young chefs have revitalized the scene with new tastes and twists. Union Market is a great place to sample several different bites. If you’re one for brunch, plan to go early or make a reservation! DC has lots of young people, and young people love to brunch. There are plenty of brunch spots but expect to wade through the lines on the weekends.

I’m Ready to Move! What Are My Next Steps?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your potential move, that’s okay! Hopefully, we were able to provide you with some information that has made your moving decision a bit easier. When you decide to take the plunge, we’ll be here to help! Georgetown Moving is committed to providing prompt, reliable, and affordable local moving services to individual, families, and businesses. With our team by your side, you can enjoy all the services you need from a single moving company in Washington DC, no matter where you’re going.

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