Moving to Washington, DC After College

As a college graduate, you have the world at your feet and the opportunity to make your home in any one of our nation’s most vibrant cities. If you are considering Washington, DC as the next destination on your life’s journey, you won’t be disappointed—while it may once have had a reputation for being filled with only serious, career-driven politicians and government employees, it has since evolved to become a popular setting for Millennials.

Before you arrive, take some time to prepare for your big move, and do your research to learn whether making the move to Washington, DC after college is right for you.

Where to Live

Whether you are looking for budget-friendly accommodations or you prefer to live in the center of it all, Washington, DC has a neighborhood that’s just right for you. Consider these options in your search:

U Street

With an average age range of between 25 to 34, relatively affordable rents, and an artistic vibe, this area is perfect for young singles who would enjoy being immersed in the performing arts.

Navy Yard

This area may be stylistically outdated, but it is perfect for those willing to invest their time and money in an up-and-coming neighborhood in DC.

Dupont Circle

While you may pay more to live here, the trade-off is a neighborhood with exceptional walkability for work and play.

H Street Corridor

This hip neighborhood has a flourishing nightlife with theaters, bars, and eateries and has a healthy mix of young families and 20-something professionals.

Foggy Bottom

Free concerts, fine dining, and historic charm await in this cultural center located just south of Dupont Circle. Low crime rates and a median age of just under 30 makes this a great option for young professionals or those new to the area.

Tips for a Successful Move

You can increase your satisfaction with your move while decreasing costs by following these tips for success:

Book Early

If you have enough possessions to warrant hiring a mover, book early as the best ones tend to fill their schedules quickly.

Keep an Eye on Your Budget

Before you move, make sure you have enough funds to sustain yourself for several months in the case of an emergency, determine how much you can afford for rent, and stick to your budget.

Get Organized

Plan ahead by narrowing down your choice of neighborhood and doing your research. While public transportation is widely available, determine whether the potential commute will be worth your time.

Start Packing

Once you’ve decided to make your move, get packing. Start well in advance of your move date and pack all non-essential belongings first. Purge items from college or your childhood that you no longer want or need to keep moving costs low.

Facts About Washington, DC

  • Taxation is different here.  Complicated taxation adds to the high cost of living here, where the standard sales tax is 5.75% but purchases such as restaurant or take-out food, parking, hotel stays, and off-premise alcohol are all taxed at different rates.
  • Dress conservatively. The job you land may have a casual dress code, but most professionals will be dressed in formal attire.
  • Enjoy the free museums. Immerse yourself in history and save money by visiting any one of the many free museums here.
  • The cost of living is high. Washington, DC is currently listed as the fifth most expensive city in the U.S.
  • Take a day trip. If you need a break, get away for a day or a weekend and explore nearby Baltimore, Richmond, Delaware, Annapolis, and more.

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