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Moving Long-Distance? Watch Out for These Red Flags

Doing Your Homework Now Can Save Hassle and Heartache Later

Long-distance moves come with a lot of challenges. Do you fly or drive to your new location? You’ll need to set up new utility and other home service accounts ahead of time, so they’re ready to go when you arrive. And you have to decide whether you’ll be putting any or all of your belongings in storage until you’re prepared to move into your new space.

One challenge you shouldn’t have to deal with is hiring a reliable and trustworthy long-distance moving company. Georgetown Moving and Storage Company wants to make sure you never have to worry about whether you can depend on your moving company. Fortunately, long-distance moving scams are easy to spot if you know what to look for.

6 Red Flags to Watch Out For When Choosing a Moving Company

  1. They’re not insured or licensed. All professional moving companies carry insurance to protect themselves from liability for damages during a move. If an insurance company doesn’t provide you with their policy details, you can be sure they won’t reimburse you for any losses. The same is true for proper licensing. Interstate movers must be licensed with the Department of Transportation (DOT). You can verify their DOT number online.
  2. Their estimate is too good to be true. This is a red flag at any time, but particularly so if it’s done without seeing your belongings. You might get a nice low estimate at the start but find yourself paying two to three times more before the move is complete. Instead, be sure to get a comprehensive moving proposal that includes the various stages of your move and a realistic estimate. Any possible additional costs should be clearly spelled out in simple terms.
  3. They don’t help you with specific moving tasks. A professional long-distance moving company that says it offers full-service moving should provide just that. Loading and unloading the truck, wrapping furniture in blankets and pads, and disassembling and reassembling furniture are all part of Georgetown Moving and Storage Company’s standard services.
  4. They can’t or won’t provide you with references. A moving company with no references is one of the biggest red flags of all. If no one vouches for their services, it’s a good sign you should steer clear of them. You’ll likely find these companies have negative online reviews and complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
  5. They demand payment upfront. Whether it’s a large deposit or the entire too-good-to-be-true estimate, if a long-distance moving company demands upfront payment for its services, it’s a surefire sign they’re fraudulent. If you want to guarantee you see your belongings again, run the other way when a mover asks for payment upfront.
  6. Their customer service is unprofessional. If a mover uses a P.O. Box for an address and doesn’t have a business email address or professional moving trucks, odds are they also don’t have a business license. If they tell you there’s no way to contact the driver during the move, that’s also a huge red flag you’re dealing with an unprofessional moving company. A professional long-distance moving company provides friendly and informative customer service, so you’re never stressed about where your belongings are if they’re going to arrive as promised.

Ready to plan your long-distance move? To avoid falling prey to an unscrupulous moving company, be sure to do your homework and find the best professionals for the job. Georgetown Moving and Storage Company works with you to ensure your long-distance move is as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

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I have to tell you that my experience with your company was superb. Mohammed and his co worker (I am not sure I got his name) were so quick, courteous and professional. Their attention to everything was thorough. I will…

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