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Moving to Atlanta from DC

Making your long-distance move from the DC area to Atlanta doesn’t have to be the headache you expect it to be. The steps to setting up a move for success are always the same, regardless of distance! Follow along with the experienced movers from Georgetown Moving and Storage Company while we provide the basic need-to-know information that will see you through safe and stress-free.

How to Make a Long-Distance Move from Washington, DC to Atlanta, GA

Start the Planning Process as Soon as Possible

Moves can be easy, but they’re always quite the undertaking. There’s a considerable amount of planning and logistics to be handled, and it’s best to start nailing down the specifics essentially as soon as you’ve locked in your decision to move to Atlanta. It’s more than a headache if you start trying to find an affordable mover or you start packing mere days before moving day—it’s a nightmare.

Remove All of Your Unnecessary Items from the Equation

Before you break out the boxes and attempt to start packing, it’s best to begin with the cleanest and easiest to organize space possible. Break out your old clothes, your appliances that won’t be going with you, and any other unwanted items and sort them out separately from your wanted valuables and possessions. You can donate or gift these, hold a yard sale, or contact your local junking company to have them cleanly removed.

Generate an Effective List

With all the unneeded things out of the way, begin to build a list of all of your kept items. Go room-to-room and complete a list for each space before moving on. This list can be used for a variety of things, from coordinating with your moving company to checking to make certain that all of your valuables made the trip unscathed.

Connect with a Reputable Moving Company

Professional movers can handle the transport of your items, they can do the packing for you—whatever you need. These are skilled workers that are dedicated to completing moves with as little friction or stress as possible, and they tend to provide invaluable services that will help you to save on both time and cost.

Be sure to pick an experienced, licensed, and above all insured mover in order to be certain that you’re working with a team that is going to help you on your journey instead of hurt you.

Understand The Differences Between DC and Your New Home in Atlanta

Both are large, busy cities, but not everything will be completely the same. Be sure to be prepared for:

  • Differences in the weather. While it certainly gets warm in DC over the summer, Atlanta is a whole different animal. Be sure to factor the weather into your move, too. It’s best to plan to arrive in a week when there will be mild weather if possible. Moving when it’s 100 degrees outside isn’t fun!
  • You won’t escape the traffic. The population of the Atlanta metro area is less dense than DC, but the traffic is still terrible. Get tips from locals about how to avoid the interstate at all costs—it could shave hours off your commute each week!
  • Cost of living. The overall cost of living will be better! Washington, DC, consistently ranks in the top 10 most expensive cities in the U.S., while Atlanta is closer to 30 or higher. Keep in mind that salaries are likely to be a bit lower as a result.

Ready to make your move to Atlanta from Washington, DC? Contact the skilled and experienced movers at Georgetown Moving and Storage Company!

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