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Mistakes To Avoid When Moving

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If there’s one group of people familiar with the most common mistakes people make when moving, it’s professional movers! Whether you’re moving to the other side of town or across the country, it takes careful planning, organization, and stamina. And no matter how many times you do it, it doesn’t seem to get any easier or less stressful.

To help you make your next move as smooth as possible, we’ve put together these missteps you should avoid. You’ll save time, energy, and possibly money if you do.

1. Not Researching the Moving Company

While the standard advice to get three estimates is valid, there’s a lot more to choosing a moving company than which one offers the lowest rate. It’s important to ask questions about hidden fees like fuel surcharges, or you may see your moving budget blown to bits.

And keep in mind if a mover’s bid is substantially less than other companies you talk to, there’s bound to be a not-so-good reason they’re cheaper.

2. Getting the Wrong Insurance

Ask the moving company you choose what their insurance covers. Then check with your home insurance provider to see what your policy covers specifically for moves. For instance, does it cover damages that occur during the packing and transit processes?

Don’t forget to ask your mover if they carry workers’ comp insurance, so you aren’t responsible for paying for an injury someone sustains in your home.

3. Thinking You Can Do It All Yourself

Using a moving company isn’t cheap, but it’s nearly always worth it. A DIY move, even with friends helping, will take far longer and be more strenuous than you might imagine.

4. Not Scheduling the Mover Early Enough in Advance

It’s never too early to hire a moving company. Good, reputable movers have full calendars, so as soon as you know you’re moving, start doing your research and book the company as soon as possible. Not only does booking early make it easier to get the mover you want, but you’ll be able to focus on other details of your move.

5. Packing Valuables for the Moving Truck

Most moving companies don’t offer protection for expensive items like jewelry, so make plans to pack and transport them yourself. The same goes for important documents, coin and stamp collections, or devices that contain private information.

6. Failing To Prepare Your Pet for the Move

You can’t toss your pet in a moving box and load them on the truck! Before moving day, be sure to visit the vet to ensure your pet’s shots are current and double-check that their certificates, tags, and ID are readily available.

When you get to your new home, reinstate your pet’s routine as quickly as possible and reward them with a special treat.

7. Not Packing a Moving Survival Kit

A personal survival kit with essential items like toiletries, chargers, snacks, water bottles, pet food or treats, and the like ensures the move goes as smoothly as possible for everyone.

Remember to keep enough cash handy, too, so you can tip your movers and the pizza delivery guy without having to find a local ATM.

8. Forgetting To Create an Inventory List

An inventory list is essential to a calm move. Check the list as items are loaded onto the truck and again when they reach your new home. It’s much easier to locate missing items on moving day than weeks or months later when you discover you can’t find something.

Just in case, make sure to find out the process for filing claims for missing items.

Though nothing guarantees a 100% stress-free move, avoiding these common mistakes guarantees your move will be easier in the long run.

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