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How To Pack and Move a Mirror

Mirrors Are Large, Heavy, & Fragile – Follow These 7 Tips For Moving Your Mirrors!

When it comes to preparing your house for a move, some belongings are easier to pack than others. Small breakables can be wrapped and packed tightly in a box for their protection, but what about large fragile items like mirrors and picture frames?

To avoid being left with dangerous shards of glass—not to mention seven years of bad luck—follow these seven suggestions for packing a mirror.

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1. Prevent Shattering

No matter what mirror packing method you choose, the first step is to place several strips of masking tape on the surface of the mirror in an X shape. On the off chance that your mirror breaks during the move, this technique prevents the glass from shattering and also helps protect the frame.

2. Protect the Corners

If the mirror is set in a frame, no action is required to protect the corners. However, if the mirror lacks a frame, it’s best to purchase rubber or cardboard corner protectors from a frame shop or moving company. You can even cut and tape together cardboard to fit the 90-degree glass corners.

3. Cover the Mirror with Cardboard

The best option for covering your mirror is to use a telescoping picture box, which is flat and expandable to fit any size mirror or framed artwork. If moving day has arrived and you forgot to get these types of packing materials, protect the mirror by cutting two pieces of cardboard about one-half-inch larger than the mirror and securing them to the front and back of the mirror with packing tape wrapped around vertically and horizontally.

4. Cover the Mirror with Towels or Bubble Wrap

For an extra buffer against breakage, wrap the cardboard-covered mirror with towels or large sheets of bubble wrap. Then, secure the whole thing with packing tape.

5. Use Styrofoam or Cushion Foam Sheets

Foam is an effective packing material for mirrors. Line the front and back of the mirror with one-quarter-inch thick Styrofoam or sheets of cushion foam. Place your cut cardboard pieces over the foam and secure everything in place with packing tape.

6. Label the Mirror

Regardless of which packing technique you use for your mirror, don’t forget to label it. Write the word FRAGILE in large letters on both sides of the mirror to ensure this item receives extra attention.

7. Load the Mirror Properly

Never lay your mirror down when loading a moving truck. Instead, insert it between stacked boxes to hold it upright. Make sure the boxes aren’t placed too close together so they don’t press on the mirror during transport, which could cause it to break.

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