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Local Long Term Storage and Short Term Storage Space Options

While planning your move, it is a good idea to think about storing your belongings at a secondary location temporarily while your move is underway. Depending on the circumstances, you may not need to rent out a storage unit in a public storage facility. Many just need a temporary home for their valued items while they make the move. So why is it in your best interest to store your items at the Georgetown Moving Facility while you are undergoing your move?

We have a vast supply of safe and secure storage container vaults that are inaccessible to anyone other than our trained and reliable staff. Every storage container is packed delicately and stored in our facility with the most gentle care as to be sure that your items are in exactly the same condition that you provided them in. Since the items being stored will be packed by none other than our very own team of movers, you can be sure they will be packed in properly so that boxes and other goods will not take stacking damage in the long term storage.

Moving items are all labelled accordingly and are at ease of access to only our team of employees who underwent forklift certification and extensive training. During hours of work when the doors are open for dispatch, members of management team have a keen watch over every accessible point of entry to the storage container vaults.

The Georgetown Moving and Storage Facility also maintains security footage and recordings around the clock to give you peace of mind even during the off hours off the night along with an elevated and electronically locked loading gate.

Timing is Money! If you are hiring a moving company to transport your items that you would like to be stored to a public storage facility, two more extra stops during the total duration of the move are unnecessarily required in order for you to finish your move. Not only do we offer top notch pricing for our storage facility, but storing your goods with us can reduce travel time charges as well labor charges. When we deliver straight to the Georgetown storage facility, we can have your valuables packed and secured away in no time when you are ready to have your delivered back to you, all that is needed is for us to quickly repack the truck and send them on the way meaning exponentially less labor charges.

Storage units are a great selection while transitioning in your busy life. Choosing the wrong facility can leave you thinking in hindsight. Make the right move the first time around and choose Georgetown Storage to save you the money and time you deserve.

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Thank you for your service. The move went smoothly and your crew members were great – very helpful and professional. I will refer friends to your company in the future!

James Moving from Washington, DC to New York, NY

My husband and I had an excellent experience with Georgetown Moving. From the first phone call, I felt that we had picked the right mover for us. When moving day came, I truly appreciated that the team came in and…

Claire Moving from Alexandria, VA to Durham, NC

I have to tell you that my experience with your company was superb. Mohammed and his co worker (I am not sure I got his name) were so quick, courteous and professional. Their attention to everything was thorough. I will…

Claire Moving from Washington, DC to Washington, DC
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