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How to Protect Your Storage Items from Pests

If you don’t have room for your mother’s hope chest or the rocking chair you plan to pass on to your grandkids, one option is to put these items in storage. The possessions that you choose to store away—rather than sell—are important to you. The last thing you want is for rats to bore a hole in that hope chest or for termites to damage your rocking chair. To prevent these scenarios, follow our tips to protect your storage items from pests.

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Pack Belongings in Plastic Boxes

When preparing items for storage, it’s vital to pack all loose belongings in boxes. This prevents them from gathering dust or being damaged from toppling over. Cardboard boxes are the most common packing material, but if you have concerns about bugs and rodents, plastic bins are a much better choice. Pests can’t chew through this material, ensuring your belongings remain protected.

Check Every Item for Pests before Packing

The last thing you want is to unintentionally trap critters in your storage unit with your prized possessions. To ensure this doesn’t happen, inspect every item for signs of infestation. Vacuum chair cushions, clean-out dresser drawers, and double-check lampshades to ensure no unwanted hitchhikers make their way into your storage unit.

Don’t Store Food

Most facilities ban the storage of food, and with good reason. Even mere crumbs and dried spills can be enough to attract insects and vermin, so make sure you thoroughly wash and dry anything that once held food, such as a mini-refrigerator, before you put it in storage.

Wrap Furniture in Plastic

You can’t pack your rocking chair in a box, but it still needs protection. Wrap any furniture, especially upholstered items, in plastic to create a shield. This way, if a stray rat or mouse finds its way into your storage unit, you won’t fear damage from claws or droppings. Wrapping soft items in plastic also helps protect against destructive moths.

Defend Your Storage Unit

To guard against pest damage during long-term storage, equip your unit with items designed to trap or deter intruders. Here’s what we suggest:

  • Set mouse traps and fly paper on the floor to catch intruders.
  • Place mothballs or cotton balls soaked in lavender or peppermint oil in coat pockets, desk drawers, and cabinet shelves.
  • Place blocks of cedar wood in the corners of your storage unit. The smell is pleasant to humans, but the powerful aroma acts as a natural insect repellent.
  • Sprinkle a barrier of Boric Acid powder or Diatomaceous Earth around the items you want to protect against pesky insects. You can find these products at your local garden center.
  • Apply a dusting of sage around the storage unit to deter snails and slugs from entering.

Rent a Storage Unit in an Indoor Facility

Traditional self-storage consists of units that open up directly to the outside. This makes them more vulnerable to pest problems, not to mention moisture and temperature fluctuations.

Georgetown Moving and Storage offers a more sheltered option with indoor climate-controlled storage facilities. This “portable vault” storage system is less likely to experience pest problems, more secure from the elements, and fully protected by security cameras and onsite warehouse managers.

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