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How to Pack Your Kitchen for Moving

When you start packing for a move, you start with the easy things such as decorations, out-of-season clothes, and storage room items. If you secretly dread packing your kitchen—with all the fragile dishes, glasses, small appliances, and odds and ends crammed into every spare shelf—use this guide to help you. With a game plan for packing the kitchen, you’ll keep your stress levels down leading up to the move.

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How to Pack Small Kitchen Appliances

First, clean and dry your countertop appliances. If you still have any of the original boxes, place the corresponding appliance inside, pad it if necessary, and tape the box shut. If not, use a few medium or large boxes and pack multiple appliances in together. Place the largest, heaviest ones on the bottom. Wrap glass bowls or lids in bubble wrap or a double layer of newspaper and top off each box with these fragile items.

How to Pack Dishware

Place two layers of bubble wrap or crumpled up newspaper on the bottom of a double-walled dish box. When packing plates, wrap them individually or separate them with bubble wrap or potholders. Set them in the box on their sides rather than lying flat to reduce the chance of breaking.

Stack ceramic bowls with cushioning between them, and pack wrapped cups and coffee mugs standing up. Save fragile wine glasses for the top of the box, providing ample cushioning above and below each one with bubble wrap and hand towels.

How to Pack Silverware & Knives

To save on packing time, keep silverware and knives in their individual drawer compartments and encase the entire tray in plastic wrap. Cover your knife block this way as well to prevent the blades from slipping out and creating a safety hazard.

How to Pack Pots & Pans

Choose one or two medium or large boxes in which to pack your pots and pans. Stack them from largest to smallest, and face the handles the same way inside the box. Wrap glass lids individually and tuck them under the handles to conserve space.

How to Pack Food

About one month before you move, start planning meals to use up the food in your pantry and refrigerator. Consider donating canned and boxed goods to the food bank, then pack the items you want to take with you in tote bags or small boxes.

If you’re traveling long-distance, plan to throw away perishable food as you empty the fridge the day before the move. For short-distance moves, fill a cooler with ice and bring as much perishable food as possible.

How to Pack Miscellaneous Items

Utensils, cookware, and odds and ends make perfect fillers for nearly full boxes. Rubberband items that go together, and top off boxes before taping them shut and adding a label. For heavier items, group these together in small packing boxes and label them “kitchen.”

Schedule Kitchen Packing Services in DC, MD & VA

The best option of all is to hand off the responsibility of packing your kitchen to professional movers. At Georgetown Moving and Storage Company, we offer full- and partial-service kitchen packing to meet your precise needs. If you want to pack your kitchen without professional assistance, but you still need the right boxes and packing supplies, we have you covered!

Packing is just one of the many services we offer. To learn more about us, or to request a free moving quote, please contact us at (703) 889-8899.

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