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How To Organize a Move in Advance

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Whether they handle the move themselves or hire a full-service moving service, nearly 50% of people say moving is one of their most stressful life events.

The good news is that by following a few simple moving and packing tips, you can achieve a nearly stress-free move that saves you time, energy, and possibly money.

Here are some of our favorite packing and moving tips to ensure a streamlined process that makes moving to a new home more enjoyable and trouble-free.

1. Make a List

Planning a move adds a lot of tasks to your to-do list. Instead of trying to remember them all, make a list of everything that needs to be done and then prioritize it by date.

You might want to create a calendar specifically for the move and spread out activities, so you aren’t overwhelmed. Plus, you’ll get a lot of satisfaction in crossing off the date once you complete everything!

2. Declutter in Advance

Clear out old, unwanted, or broken items so they don’t make their way into the moving truck or a storage unit. Donate, recycle, or discard things you won’t need where you’re going.

Why pay to transport things you’ll only throw away once they arrive? And remember, if you’re putting some items in storage, be sure to distribute the weight of the contents evenly throughout the container. That way, they’ll stack nicely and securely.

3. Pack Early

Packing always takes longer than we think it will. Start early to pack up things like seasonal decorations and yard tools you won’t need before moving day. Use the correct size box for each item and try not to over pack them, as you’ll risk the box falling apart, hurting the person carrying it, and potentially damaging what’s inside.

4. Deal With Paperwork

Put all essential documents such as house deeds, wills, and insurance policies in a sturdy briefcase that locks. It’s a good idea to make digital copies and save them in two separate places, such as a thumb drive and the cloud.

5. Go Slowly

It’s tempting to try to get everything done as quickly as possible, but it can also be exhausting — and that makes it more likely you’ll slip up. Be realistic about how much you can get done, not what you hope to get done.

6. Pack a Moving Day Survival Kit

Before moving day, make sure to pack a “moving day survival kit” of essentials. It should contain necessary items to get everyone through the first day and night.

Think things like phone chargers, toiletries, bottles of water, snacks, and provisions for coffee and tea, plus clothing for the next day or two. When you’re well-fed and hydrated, you’re better equipped to handle whatever comes up on moving day.

We hope these moving and packing tips are helpful as you get ready for your next move. Though nothing guarantees a 100% stress-free move, planning in advance almost certainly guarantees your move will be easier than if you hadn’t planned at all!

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