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How to Move House Plants

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House plants are a beautiful addition to any home, adding life and greenery to strategic corners of your bedroom, home office, and living room. If you have a big move coming up, you’re faced with the tricky task of moving your houseplants. It doesn’t help that house plants make the list of things your mover will not move – with the exception of very short-distance moves.

When you just can’t leave your orchids, bonsai tree, or Ficus behind – follow these tips on how to move house plants.

Prep Your Plants a Few Weeks Before the Move

Rid your houseplants of dead leaves and prune them back. Also, re-pot large plants in lightweight plastic pots to save your back during the move.

Place Small Plants in Open Boxes

The simplest option if you’re moving locally is to set small potted plants in open boxes and put the boxes in the back seat of your car. Be sure to cushion the spaces between each pot with newspaper or bubble wrap. Load up your plants last and unload them first when you arrive at your new home.

Prep Tall Plants Properly

For large palms, trees, and other plants that are too tall to stand upright in the car, pack sphagnum moss tightly into the top of each pot. Then, wrap the pot with plastic, being sure to cover the sphagnum moss up to the stem of the plant. Secure the plastic with tape or string and then load the plant into your car on its side. Your preparation should ensure that you don’t lose all the potting mix and make a big mess.

Monitor the Temperature & Soil Moisture Levels

Cold weather can be harmful to house plants, especially tropical ones. When moving in the winter, wrap plants with newspaper before loading them. If possible, pull your car into a garage and load the plants from there to reduce exposure to the cold. To prevent the soil from becoming too wet, water your plants for the last time a few days leading up to the move.

Hot weather can also be detrimental to house plants. Even in an air-conditioned car, it’s difficult to keep vegetation comfortable. Make sure each plant has enough water before and during the journey. If possible, bring your plants inside with you when stopping for long periods of time. If you must leave your plants in the car for more than an hour, keep the windows rolled down.

Long-Distance Considerations

For long distance moves across state lines, you may be subject to Department of Agriculture inspections. State pest control efforts and local bans on growing particular vegetation may get in your way of transporting certain house plants. You may even need a special permit to transport plants more than 150 miles. When in doubt about the rules, ask your mover for advice.

Can’t Move Your Houseplants?

If you determine that you can’t take your house plants when you move, you still have a few options:

  • Keep cuttings of your favorite plants, so you can attempt to re-grow them at your new house.
  • Have a plant sale and use the proceeds to fund new house plants after you move.
  • Give plants away to friends and neighbors who will take good care of them.

Get More Moving Tips from Georgetown Moving and Storage Company

As you prepare for your upcoming move, you may come across more questions than just how to move house plants. For answers to all your concerns, contact the professionals at Georgetown Moving and Storage Company at (703) 889-8899 today! While you’re at it, request a free quote if you’re moving locally or long distance – to, from, or within the Washington, DC area.

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