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How to Move During Thanksgiving

If you’re moving during Thanksgiving, it’s probably not your choice. Perhaps you have to vacate your house or apartment before the end of November, and you want to take advantage of the time off from work and the kids being out of school over the long holiday weekend. Whatever your reason for moving over Thanksgiving, make the most of it with these tips.

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Check the Date with Your Mover

Many professional movers request holidays off, and Thanksgiving weekend is no exception. The limited availability of movers over the holiday weekend could affect your plans. To ensure you can find a moving company on the day you have in mind, call around as soon as possible. The sooner you lock in a date with the company you choose, the sooner you can relax and focus on other logistics of moving day.

Rethink Thanksgiving Dinner & Guests

Do you usually host Thanksgiving for your family and friends? This year will need to be different. Let your loved ones know about your move as far in advance as possible so everyone can decide together what the new arrangements will be. Perhaps guests can stay at a hotel and another relative in town can host the dinner.

You might have a traditional dish you look forward to preparing every Thanksgiving, such as your grandma’s famous pumpkin pie. To prevent undue stress in the midst of your hectic move, you may need to simplify things. If another relative is hosting dinner, offer to bring something simple, like rolls or pre-made pumpkin pie.

Pace Your Packing Efforts

If you’re moving a day or two after Thanksgiving, your stress level may be high on the holiday itself. However, it may be best to set down the boxes and packing tape for an hour or two and enjoy a turkey feast with loved ones.

The best way to prevent feeling overwhelmed is to pack a little extra leading up to Thanksgiving. Have a goal to pack a certain number of rooms before the holiday arrives. This way, you leave more of Thanksgiving available to relax with family and friends. Just remember to save the very most important items for the last minute so that you don’t waste time digging through boxes you’ve already packed.

Take Time to Give Thanks

There’s no better time of year to show gratitude. Before you start grumbling about all the packing you must do, remember how fortunate you are to have possessions. If you’re sad about missing out on some holiday customs this year, remember how many wonderful Thanksgiving traditions you’ll make in your new home. At the end of your move, you might also want to tip your movers to show your gratitude for their help during the holiday weekend.

Hire Movers in the DC Area

Moving during the holidays is never easy. Take some of the load off your shoulders by trusting a moving company to provide all the services you need, from packing your belongings to moving your boxes to putting items in storage. For the affordable, trustworthy services you need, rely on Georgetown Moving and Storage.

Contact us today at (703) 889-8899 to inquire about our availability to help you move over Thanksgiving!

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