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How Do I Keep My Dresser Drawers from Falling Out While Moving?

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Although moving is an exciting process, it can be very stressful to get everything packed up and ready to go. Fortunately, with enough early preparation, you can be all set by moving day. Preparing furniture for a move is one of the trickiest parts because these items are too large to pack into boxes.

It’s especially tricky when you’re trying to move a dresser with loose or unsecured drawers. Since the professionals at Georgetown Moving and Storage Company aim to make your move as easy and safe as possible, we’ve created this guide to help you pack and move your dresser in a way that will keep the drawers from falling out.

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Packing Supplies You’ll Need

Before you can properly pack and move your dresser, you’ll need a few items to help you out! Gather the following supplies to ensure a smooth process:

  • Moving Blankets
  • Packing Tape
  • Plastic Wrap or Masking Tape
  • *Furniture Sliders or Dolly

*Use furniture sliders or a dolly if you’re more comfortable sliding the dresser rather than picking it up! 

How to Pack & Move a Dresser

Follow these tips to prepare your dresser before the movers arrive:

  • Empty the drawers: If you move your dresser with the drawers full of clothing and linens, the gliders are more likely to become damaged as the drawers bounce around inside the moving truck. Therefore, you should pack the contents of your dresser drawers in boxes.
  • Keep the drawers in the dresser: Most of the time, it’s best not to remove the drawers from your dresser. This way, it only takes one trip to move the entire piece of furniture. 
  • Wrap the dresser to secure the drawers: If you attempt to tape your dresser drawers shut, be sure to use masking tape as other types may damage the finish with the adhesive. If you do not have masking tape, plastic wrap is a good alternative to wrap your dresser and prevent the drawers from spilling out. You can then snugly wrap the dresser with a moving blanket and tape the padding in place with packing tape. This serves to protect the furniture from dings and scratches.
  • Remove mirrors: If your dresser features a large mirror, remove it and wrap it separately for transport. If the drawers themselves have mirror inlays, tape cardboard over the glass before wrapping the dresser. Additionally, label the outside of the padding to indicate where the glass is located so the movers are careful not to put pressure there.
  • Move the dresser carefully: Depending on the size of the furniture, two or more people may need to carry it. A dolly is a helpful tool for long hallways or sidewalks, but if you hire professional movers for the job, they will be able to handle the heavy lifting required to move a dresser.

Should You Remove the Drawers from Your Dresser When Moving?

The only time we would suggest removing the drawers from your dresser is if the cumulative weight of the drawers makes a large, high-end dresser too heavy to carry. This also gives you the opportunity to use the drawers as makeshift boxes, saving you from emptying their contents into boxes and refilling the dresser after the move. This could be a convenient option if you’re relocating only a short distance.

Also, if you do end up removing the drawers from your dresser, make sure you don’t put full drawers back in the dresser once you get out to the moving truck. This could put excessive pressure on the gliders. Instead, wrap the drawers with plastic to keep the contents inside and place the dresser drawers in your car.

Choose Georgetown Moving and Storage Company

Whether you need help packing your belongings, or transporting boxes and furniture on moving day, Georgetown Moving and Storage Company offers the affordable, award-winning services you’re looking for! Our highly capable team has years of training and experience to deliver a job well done for every customer. We are fully certified and licensed, and we carry maximum liability insurance.

To learn more about how to keep your dresser drawers from falling out while moving in the DC, MD, or VA area, contact us today at (703) 889-8899!

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