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How to Get Ready to Move Out of College

Before you know it, the end of the school year will be here for college students. If you are a student who lives in a dorm during the school year or the parent of a student, this means you have a move-out day coming up (even though it seems like move-in day wasn’t that long ago!). Here are some tips that can help you get ready for the move.

Get a Head Start

If you plan to visit your child during the spring semester or if he or she is coming home during spring break, get a head start on bringing items home. Packing up winter clothing and other non-essentials in duffle bags to bring home now helps lessen the load on move-out day.

Use a Three-Pile Organizing System

Your move-out day can be made smoother by organizing belongings before the day arrives. Have your student separate their belongings into three piles:

  1. Things needed over the summer
  2. Things that won’t be needed until the fall
  3. Things that have never been used or are unwanted

Do a Purge

Dispose of the items that are no longer needed or wanted. Donate them for a tax deduction, give them to other students, or throw them out because there’s no sense in packing them up and moving them or storing them. Make sure have your student empty their fridge and take any other trash to the dumpster ahead of move-out day when the dumpsters will fill up quickly.

Come Prepared

Bring supplies like boxes, packing tape, and storage bins. This makes it easier to pack up and transport items, rather than throwing items in garbage bags haphazardly. Don’t forget cleaning supplies, trash bags, bottled water, and snacks.

Rent a Storage Space

Instead of moving items that won’t be needed until the fall only to have to haul them back from home for move-in day, renting a local storage space is a better option for the summer. This is a great idea for storing bigger items like a mini-fridge, television, or other bulky items. It’s a good idea to reserve your storage unit the month before the move.

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