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How to Clean Your Garage Before Moving

Once you have packed up everything in your garage, and the space is completely empty, you have one final task before moving out: you must clean the garage to make it move-in ready for the family buying your house. Follow these tips from Georgetown Moving and Storage Company to make the job go quickly and easily.

Dust the Ceiling & Light Fixtures

To avoid cleaning the floor multiple times, you should start at the highest places and work your way down. Use a long-handled electrostatic duster to clean cobwebs and dust from the ceiling, light fixtures, and garage door opener.

Clean the Walls & Windows

The electrostatic duster is also useful for tackling cobwebs on the garage door and walls. Take care of any stains with a wall cleaning spray and a white rag. Wash any windows in the garage, including those integrated into the garage door, with glass cleaner and paper towels. If you have window coverings in the garage, assess their condition and replace them if they’re grimy and difficult to clean.

Dust Shelves & Cabinets

Break out the electrostatic duster again. You can also use a rag and dusting spray to clean built-in garage storage. Clean spills and stains with multi-purpose cleaner and a rag. Repaint or refinish old wood shelves and cabinets if necessary to give them new life.

Sweep & Vacuum the Floor

Any broom will do to sweep the garage floor, but a large push broom is the most efficient at getting the job done. Sweep debris into a pile or out onto the driveway. Use your vacuum with the brush attachment to suck up debris in hard-to-reach corners.

Target Floor Stains

If stains are only present in a few places, it may be easy to wipe them up by hand. However, mopping is the better option for widespread blemishes. Warm water and an old mop are likely all you need to loosen up muddy spots, rust, and deicer splotches.

For unsightly oil or transmission fluid stains, spray the concrete garage floor with a generous amount of WD-40 or oven cleaner. Let it sit for several minutes, and then scrub the area with a stiff brush. Hose down the stain and view the results. Apply the cleaner again if any stain remains.

Install Garage Storage & Epoxy Floors

If you don’t already have built-in storage in the garage, you might want to add some shelves or cabinets. Epoxy flooring is also a huge step up from a traditional concrete garage floor. These upgrades make your garage a unique selling point and may even allow you to increase the asking price on your home.

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