Guide to Being a Great New Neighbor

If you just bought a house, congratulations on closing the deal! Moving to a new neighborhood can be a difficult transition, but if you make an effort to be a great neighbor, you’ll make friends up and down your new street. Just follow this guide.

Introduce Yourself

Say hello to anyone you see hanging out in their yard. Chances are your new neighbors will make an effort to introduce themselves as well. Some may even stop by your door with a plate of goodies! If they do, convey your appreciation with a thank-you card mailed to them or dropped off on their doorstep.

Learn About Your Neighbors’ Lifestyles

Find out more about what your neighbors do with the goal of being courteous of their needs. For example, if they work the night shift, they will appreciate quiet mornings. If they have little kids, quiet evenings are important. They may not come right out and say it, but you can deduce these needs and act accordingly.

Be Mindful of Your Dog

Keep him on a leash and always carry a plastic bag with you to pick up after him on walks. Don’t leave your dog outside all day where he’s liable to disturb your neighbors with his whining and barking.

Park Courteously

Park in the garage or on the driveway, if possible. When parking on the street, be sure not to block anyone’s access. Park in front of your home, not your neighbor’s. Don’t rev your engine, slam doors, or shine your headlights through windows, especially late at night.

Keep Your Yard Tidy

Follow HOA rules about your yard’s appearance, which may include picking weeds, trimming trees, mowing the lawn, and keeping fences in good condition. Courteously ask your neighbors about any chemical sensitivities before using fertilizer or pesticide. In the winter, shovel your share of the sidewalks promptly. If you have a snow blower, do your next-door neighbors a favor and clear their walkways, too.

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