From Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland Area to Missouri Moving

Move to or from the state of Missouri with Georgetown Moving and Storage.

Will you be moving in the near future to or from Missouri? Georgetown Moving and Storage offers 3 day relocation services between the DC metro area and Missouri.

Georgetown Moving and storage proudly offers 3 day long-distance relocation services between the DC area and Missouri. A 3 day relation service means that we come pick up your items on the given date that you have specified and 2 days from that date your items will be delivered to your new place. If you decide that you will be moving to or from Missouri but you havent picked out your new place yet, Georgetown Moving and Storage offers Storage as well. We will come to the location you are moving from, pack up all of your items and provide you a detailed inventory list. From there the items will come back to our secure GSA facility where we will load your items into our storage vault. Upon deciding where your new residence will be, give us a call and we will have the items delivered to you.

Georgetown Moving and Storage covers all of your moving needs and offers full service moving and storage. We offer full and partial packing services, standard moving, storage, hoisting, and many other specialty projects.

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