Can Moving Companies Transport Firearms & Ammunition?

You might be an avid hunter, a service member, or a public security worker—regardless of why you have firearms, you have to keep them in mind when you’re planning a local or long-distance move. If you’re using a moving company, this becomes even more important! Can a moving company handle firearms and ammunition? Follow along with Georgetown Moving and Storage Company, and we’ll make the question clear in no time.

The Short Answer About Moving Firearms & Ammo

The majority of moving companies will have no trouble moving your handguns, rifles, or other legal firearms. The ammunition, however, they cannot and will not! This is primarily because ammo falls under the “volatile” category. Movers won’t move gasoline, kerosene, paints, and other volatile materials, either. If it can get hot and combust, a moving company can’t take it, from either a legal or safety-conscious standpoint.

If you plan on moving ammunition, you can do so in your own vehicles, as long as you follow all state and federal laws while you do so. Most of the time, the best means of doing this is keeping the ammo in a locked container and your glove box or trunk. We would highly recommend that you never try to transport ammunition in a vehicle that you do not own. If you rented a supplementary moving vehicle, don’t store volatile materials in it. There is no point in taking an expensive risk.

Preparing Firearms for Moving

Always be sure when packing guns to remove any ammunition and to put the safety on. Basic stuff, but it bears mentioning. If you have designated cases for your guns, use those. If not, we would highly suggest soft foam packing material. Do not label any boxes containing guns in a way that would identify the contents of the box! Just write “accessories” or something similar, as labeling a box “guns” or with any similar label is illegal.

If your movers are transporting the weapons, you will need a record of the make, model, and serial number for all of your weapons. The moving company doesn’t need to hold these records but does need to see and check them.

An Important Note About Peaceable Journey Laws

Peaceable Journey Laws essentially provide you with a base level right of passage to your destination provided that you are transporting your weapons correctly and safely. For Peaceable Journey Laws to be in effect, you have to be licensed to legally carry and own these firearms in the state you are leaving, and the state you are traveling to.

Be very sure that you do your homework and make certain you are meeting all legal requirements when you move a weapon. Journey laws entitle you to some things, but they don’t cover everything, and law can be fickle.

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