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7 Ways to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move

Making a move anywhere at all is a process that takes planning, coordination, and streamlined execution. But when it comes to moving across the country or to a new state, it’s a whole different beast. It’s imperative that you know how to prepare for a long distance move if you want the whole thing to be stress-free and easy!

Looking to find out more about how to prepare for a long distance move in Maryland or the DC area? Georgetown Moving and Storage Company has you covered—follow these planning and move execution tips and you’re set for a great move.

Be Organized with Your Packing

Dedicate a box for items that you will need right away after moving into your new home. Mark each box with your name, the room where it will go, and a short description of what is in the box. Don’t forget to number each box, because it will make it easier to see right away if a box is missing. Labeling the boxes with your name will help make them easier to track.

Do a Purge

There is no sense in paying to move items that you will have no use for in your new location. If you’re moving to a warmer locale, you probably aren’t going to need winter clothing. The same goes for kitchen items or clothing that you will realistically never use again. Throw out, sell, or donate unused and unwanted items instead of wasting time packing them up and moving them.

Pack Your Boxes for the Long Haul

Being your belongings may spend several days on a truck, you will want to make sure everything is packed appropriately for the trip. This means using special boxes meant for storing and moving items like dishes, stemware, and your electronics.

Budget and Plan Accordingly for Your Trip

If you and your family will be making the trip by personal vehicle be sure to include a budget for gas, food, and hotels if you plan to make a stop. If you’re looking to travel by airplane or train, budget properly for these as well—but don’t forget to add some wiggle room!

One of the best pieces of advice we can give to clients that ask us “how to prepare for a long distance move” is that you should always be prepared for anything and to carry petty cash. Delays, car trouble, forgotten snacks. A prepared mover is one that is going to finish the day more successfully and far less stressed.

Take Advantage of Portable Storage

Traditional moving methods require hours of loading, unloading, shifting, and unplanned scheduling issues. But now there’s an easier solution when you’re looking at how to prepare for a long distance move—portable storage units. These spacious units can be rented weeks in advance and can be loaded at your leisure, either by you or by your chosen moving company. Once the portable units are loaded up, the units can be transported to your new location easily and safely, minimizing the risks often associated with a long distance move.

Do Your Homework When Choosing a Mover

You will want to select a mover that has experience with long-distance moves. The mover you choose should be licensed, registered, and bonded. Inquire about the insurance offered to protect your belongings. If you require additional insurance, make sure to purchase it ahead of time so that you are fully covered.

Investigate Your Move-In Situation Before the Move

Because items may be transported via a larger truck, you will want to find out if the roads to your home allow for bigger trucks, like a tractor trailer. If they don’t, your move may require the use of a shuttle service, which could cost more. You will want to check to see if your new city will require your mover to have a parking permit. If you’re moving into a condo or apartment, check with the building manager to see if movers are only allowed in the building on certain days or times.

Find Out Your Delivery Date or Window

Not all moving companies will provide an exact delivery date. Instead, they could give you a delivery window that could be 20 days or longer. Make sure you have enough essentials, such as clothing and other personal items for you and your family to get by until your belongings arrive at your new home.

Schedule Long-Distance Moving in MD, DC & Northern VA

When you’re ready to start planning the logistics for a long distance move or a move out of state, connect with the skilled movers at Georgetown Moving and Storage Company. We are professional, licensed, insured, and we have over 15 years of experience in helping homeowners and businesses complete long-distance moves safely and easily.

Want to find the real key to how to prepare for a long distance move? Contact the experienced movers at Georgetown Moving and Storage Company!

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