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10 Tips for Organizing Your Storage Unit

Need Access to Your Storage Unit Frequently? Planning Makes a Difference.

We all could use a bit more storage, and a storage unit offers one of the best ways to organize your home or office. If you have a storage unit that you often access, how you arrange your possessions can make your storage room visits fast and efficient.

Here are 10 tips that can save you time moving and replacing boxes or “looking for stuff” in your storage unit:

1. Consider making a map – You won’t need architect-level blueprints, but a simple directional map will save time looking for boxes, even if they’re numbered.

2. Don’t stack higher than your head – Unless you create some anchoring mechanism to keep boxes from falling on your head, stacking floor-to-ceiling could be hazardous.

3. Consider upgrading to a larger unit if you’ve run out of space – You can better organize when you have the size space you need. A larger space will also allow enough room to add shelving for items that shouldn’t be directly on the floor.

4. Inventory and label all your belongings – Before you store items, create a master list. Most people number the boxes, then list the items inside. For example:

  • Box 1 – Currier & Ives dishes
  • Box 2 – Medical records
  • Box 3 – Blankets/quilts

… and so on. Label boxes and make sure the labels face outward. Keep a hard copy of your master list in the storage room, another at home, and perhaps photograph the master list so you’ll have it on your phone.

5. Know what you’ll need – Make a list of what you’ll need to access and when. Items you will access weekly, monthly, or more should be positioned in a good grab-and-go spot.

Here’s a sample list of once-a-year items:

  • Holiday decorations & costumes
  • Tax documents
  • Winter & summer clothing

Here are some storage items you might access more than once a year:

  • Craft items
  • Office documents
  • Special/formal dishes & serving platters
  • Sports & camping equipment
  • Tools

6. Choose one box size – Stacking same-size boxes will save space and make the process much easier. Big boxes at the bottom of the pile may not be able to carry the load, but when all the boxes are the same size, the weight is distributed more evenly.

7. Preplan your layout – For example, boxes of books should always be on the bottom; they weigh the most. Your tools weigh a lot, but if you’ll be fetching them often, put them in an easily accessible spot. If you’re going to truly fill your storage space, you need to put all the frequently used items in the center of the unit.

Put the items you’ll likely never access (baby books, memorabilia, etc.) in the back of the storage unit. If you’re not going to use Aunt Clara’s antique Queen Anne chair until you move, carefully store it in the back.

8. Repack if you have space and extra boxes – You’ve got extra boxes, and you’ve got extra space. Don’t hesitate to pull holiday bakeware out of the holiday décor box and put it in its own box. Yes, you have to re-label and update the master sheet, but the organizational improvement is worth it.

9. Cycle toys – Some families “recycle” their own toys every three months or so, swapping bored-with toys for toys the kids haven’t seen in a while. The boxes of toys don’t need to be front-and-center but easier to reach than annual items.

10. Use a “brick-wall” stacking pattern – If your boxes are the same size, the “brick wall” stacking process allows you to retrieve the box you need without disturbing every box on top of it.

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