Summer Moving Checklist

A majority of people move in the summer. After all, this is when the weather is more predictable, your home is bound to sell faster, and the kids are between school years. No matter what time of year you move, it’s useful to have a moving checklist for reference. Then, if you decide that summer is the best time to relocate your family, remember to include these additional items on your summer moving checklist.

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Eight Weeks Before You Move – Schedule a Morning Timeslot

Plan ahead and set a moving date as early as possible. Summer is the busiest time of year to move, so the sooner you hire a mover, the better chance you have of securing a date and time that works best for you.

Consider scheduling the earliest timeslot available on your chosen date. You might have to wake up early, but you can get a majority of the loading done while it’s still cool outside. This eases much of the difficulty associated with moving.

Six Weeks Before You Move – Hold a Garage Sale

The weather is nice enough this time of year to hold a garage sale. The money you make from selling your unwanted things can help offset some of your moving costs. For those items that don’t sell, plan to donate or recycle whatever you can and throw away the rest.

Four Weeks Before You Move – Buy Packing Supplies

The sooner you start packing, the better. First, obtain all necessary packing supplies, including boxes, packing paper, packing tape, bubble wrap, markers, and more. Then, pack items you don’t need right now, such as wall decorations and winter clothes. If you start running low on boxes, planning this far in advance gives you the chance to obtain more.

Four Weeks Before You Move – Begin to Use Up Overstocks of Food

If you have a food storage area, stop stocking it as soon as you learn you’re moving. Then, actively start using up these overstock items about one month in advance.

Remember, perishable food spoils quickly in the summer heat, so if you want to bring any refrigerated or frozen goods with you, fill a cooler with ice and as much food as you can. If you’re moving long distance, it’s better to throw out perishables and repurchase food once you arrive at your new home.

Three Weeks Before You Move – Make Sure the Air Conditioner at Your New House Works

The summer heat is a danger to your health, especially on strenuous moving day. Three weeks out, visit your new house and test the air conditioner – don’t simply take the seller’s word for it that it works. This tells you whether you need to repair or replace the AC prior to moving in.

On Moving Day – Stay Hydrated

Hot temperatures and heavy lifting make you sweat. Drink plenty of water on moving day, and remember to provide water for anyone helping out. This means you wait until the very last minute to pack water bottles and a few cups. It also means you shouldn’t shut off the water or other utilities until the day after you move out.

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