Storage Units in Washington, DC

Georgetown Company is proud to offer cost-effective solution with certify document destruction and paper shredding in entire Washington DC Area, Northern Virginia and Maryland.

We offer certify paper document destruction shredding service for offices including small and large financial, legal and medical organizations, government agencies.

As per your request, we will provide you with Certificate of Document Destruction for your record.

Benefits of Storing With Georgetown Moving

  • Vs
  • Georgetown Moving and Storage
  • low price of space
  • we save time – door to door vault or portable service
  • professional service
  • high security of the unit at the facility
  • portable container solution
  • government / military approved
  • vault system accessible only for warehouse manager
  • detailed inventory of each item for your record
  • all items professionally wrapped by movers
  • public or self storage
  • high price*
  • you have to rent a truck, load, unload in to storage, return the truck …
  • depends on the provider …
  • low security, anybody can cut a padlock of your unit
  • depends on the provider …
  • not approved
  • unit can be accessed by unauthorized person
  • no inventory
  • depends on the provider …

Paper shredding is good for the environment
For every one ton of paper fiber saves:

-17 Trees
-3 Cubic yards of landfill
-360 Gallons of water
-100 Gallons of gasoline

Some paper documents need to be shredded. For example:
-Patient Information
-Consumer Information
-Bank and Financial Information
Why use Georgetown Shredding Service
Some benefits of shredding your paper documents being that it is hands free and secure. Having an Unbroken Chain of Custody, Professional Liability Insurance, Secure GSA Certified Truck and Secure audit trail. Helping you prevent risks associated with:

-Identity Theft
-Misuse of Sensitive Information
-Loss of Confidential Documents
-Consumer Fraud

Keeping you and your company safe with options for One-Time Shredding Service or On-Going Shredding services, followed with a Certification Of Destruction. Just remember, stealing trash is legal. Don’t take any chances and shred your personal documents. Make the right move and get a quote today!

Shredding Process is Easy

– Contact us for an estimate
– Schedule a pickup of the material to our off-site secure warehouse 7 days per week!
– Receive Certification of Document Destruction Service