Retirement Storage

After a lifetime of hard work, you’re entitled to enjoy doing the things you want to do during your retirement. You might decide it’s time to downsize and move into a smaller home, take up new hobbies, or travel around the country—maybe even the world. Having a storage space can help make it easier to enjoy the things you want to do during your retirement.

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Moving or Downsizing Your Home

Do you live in a home that is now too big for you or requires more upkeep than you want to be responsible for during your retirement? You may be considering moving to a smaller home or a retirement community. When putting your existing home up for sale, most realtors will recommend staging your home to improve its marketability. Personal mementos, cluttered closets and attics, or garages filled with belongings make it difficult for potential buyers to visualize making your home their own. If you have no plans to sell, give, or dispose of your meaningful belongings, you can at least trim down what is in your home by storing them.

Once you have moved into your smaller home or retirement community, you might find that you have items that no longer fit in your home; however, you are not ready to part with them either. Having a storage unit will allow you to hold on to your belongings until you decide what you want to do with them.

Taking Time to Travel the Country

Have you decided to hit the road in an RV and go off in search of adventure across the country? Or maybe you are a snowbird who spends part of the year in a warmer climate. Having a storage unit during your retirement allows you to safely store belongings that you might not want to take with you or leave at home while you are away for months at a time.

Staying Put in Your Home

Even if you have decided to stay put in your home during your retirement, having a storage unit can still make your retirement more enjoyable. The space in your closets, garage, or attic might not be enough to neatly or safely store your various seasonal items. Having a climate-controlled storage space during your retirement can allow you to store and swap out seasonal items to free up space in your home. For example, instead of crowding closets with holiday decorations that are used for one month out of the year or fishing or golf equipment that you won’t use during the winter, these can all be stored in your unit.

Repurposing Rooms in Your Home

If you have discovered a new hobby, you might decide to devote one of the rooms in your home to it. Maybe you have always wanted a room to be a home gym or your studio for painting, woodworking, or photography. Now that you’re retired, you now have the time for the hobbies you have been putting off. And there’s no better time because of the importance of staying active and learning new things during your golden years. A storage unit gives you the ability to store the items from that unused bedroom that’s going to be your new place of relaxation.

Retirement Storage Units in the DC Metro Area

Georgetown Moving and Storage Company offers residential storage solutions to meet your storage needs during retirement. Our services include a professional vault storage system that keeps your belongings safe and secure at a more economical price than traditional self-storage units.

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