Portable Storage in DC, MD & VA

No one debates the fact that moving is stressful, but different methods of moving carry varying degrees of stress. For example, think of the traditional way of moving, which includes packing, shuffling half-loaded boxes, tripping over boxes, frantically loading the truck in a short window, driving a moving truck, and unloading all at once.
It can be anxiety-inducing to say the least. On the other hand, portable storage lets you pack and load gradually for a convenient, do-it-yourself moving option.
If you’re looking for a streamlined, stress-free way to move, contact Georgetown Moving and Storage Company to learn more about our portable storage containers.

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Benefits of Choosing Portable Storage

Why not stick with the tried and true way of moving? Many people prefer the concept of portable storage for the many advantages it provides:

  • Dictate the pace of your move. You might need three days or three weeks to load up your portable storage container. Pace yourself to prevent moving day from being so hectic.
  • Avoid tripping over packed boxes for weeks. It takes much more effort to shuffle and re-shuffle boxes around as they encroach on your living space than it does to load boxes into your portable storage container as soon as they’re packed.
  • Don’t fear the weather. Storage containers from Georgetown Moving and Storage Company are waterproof and weather resistant. Leave yours in the driveway without fearing damage from the rain.
  • Enjoy peace of mind. Rest assured that your goods are safe with us. Not only are we registered, licensed, and bonded, but we also offer basic valuation insurance free of charge to every customer.

How Our Portable Storage Containers Work

If the benefits of portable storage sound too good to pass up, you may want to know more about how it works. The process is simple:

  • Request a portable storage container. As moving day approaches and your collection of packed boxes starts piling high, have a storage container delivered to your driveway or parking lot. We’ll set it exactly where you request to prevent any inconvenience. For your reference, our containers measure 7’ high by 5’ wide by 7’ deep and hold about 150 to 180 cubic feet.
  • Load your portable container at your own pace. The do-it-yourself option means you load your container at your own pace. Many of our customers find this incredibly convenient. If you prefer, you can call our experienced crew to load your storage container on moving day.
  • Request pickup. When your portable storage container is loaded and ready to go, let us know and we’ll pick it up at a scheduled time. Our skilled, licensed, and bonded operators treat your container as carefully as if it were their own.
  • Choose a delivery option. Whether you’re moving across town or across state lines, your onsite storage pod converts into the perfect moving container for easy, expedited shipping to your new home. On the other hand, if you need to store your portable container until your new home is ready, we’ll transport it directly to our secure storage facility.

Arrange a Portable Storage Container in DC, MD, or VA

Are you excited to hear that moving doesn’t have to be the fast-paced, one-day event it once was? Do-it-yourself portable storage changes everything by letting you spread out the packing and loading just the way you like it. Be aware that many counties and cities require a permit to place a portable storage container in a private or public right of way. Find out more about permit requirements before making any arrangements.
Ready to request a portable storage container? Still have questions? Contact us today at (703) 466-0575 to learn more!

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