Portable Self-Storage Containers in DC, MD & VA

portable self storage containers in DC, VA, & MD

There’s no doubt that moving is stressful, but fortunately, you have options for making the big day go more smoothly. For example, instead of a traditional move where you have no choice but to frantically load a truck, haul your belongings, and unload all in a single day, you can spread out your move with a portable self-storage container. Not surprisingly, this low-stress, do-it-yourself option is growing in popularity today.

Could portable self-storage be right for you? Keep reading or contact Georgetown Moving and Storage Company for more information.

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How to Use Our Portable Self-Storage Containers

Portable self-storage is a flexible moving and storage option that works perfectly for a variety of situations. Here are a few ways to utilize a self-storage container:

Benefits of a Portable Self-Storage Container

Portable self-storage containers offer a lot of benefits that traditional moving trucks simply don’t have. They help to:

    • Simplify the moving process. Having a portable self-storage container in your driveway leading up to moving day means you can pace yourself. Pack a half dozen boxes and load them when you’re ready so you’re not left tripping over stacks of packed boxes. When you spread out the work of loading, moving day isn’t so exhausting.
    • Simplify the storage process. If you need to store your belongings rather than move them to a new location, nothing is easier than loading the container at your home and placing a call to have your things picked up. No more borrowing a friend’s pickup truck and hauling your belongings to a storage facility yourself.
    • Give you peace of mind. Portable self-storage containers from Georgetown Moving and Storage Company are waterproof and weather-resistant, meaning you can leave them outside without fearing the weather. And when we pick up containers for storage, we transport them to one of our secure, climate-controlled storage facilities where they’re only accessible to the warehouse manager for our customers’ peace of mind.

How Does Portable Self-Storage Work?

    • Request a container. Call Georgetown Moving and Storage Company at (703) 466-0575 and request a drop-off at your address. For your reference, our containers are 7’ high by 5’ wide by 7’ deep and hold about 150 to 180 cubic feet.
    • Load your container. Pack and load up your belongings yourself, or call the experienced crew at Georgetown Moving and Storage Company for professional assistance.
    • Schedule pickup. When you’re ready, give us a call and a skilled, licensed, and bonded operator will pick up your self-storage container.
    • Choose a delivery option. Arrange expedited shipping to your new home, whether here in the DC area or across state lines, or ask for transport to one of our secure storage facilities.

Request a Portable Self-Storage Container in DC, MD or VA

Portable self-storage is changing the way people look at moving. As it turns out, relocating your family doesn’t have to be the fast-paced, one-day event it once was! If you’re eager to take advantage of the benefits of portable self-storage, be aware that many counties and cities require a permit to place a storage container in a private or public right of way. Find out more about permit requirements before calling us to make arrangements.

To request a portable self-storage container, please contact Georgetown Moving and Storage Company at (703) 466-0575. We’re here to answer any remaining questions you have.