Portable Storage Container Permits and Requirements

Storage Permit Requirements for Washington, DC, Arlington, Alexandria County, Fairfax County, Montgomery County & Prince George’s County

When you plan to use PODS-like self-storage units or mobile storage containers, you need to know any required permits for placing the unit on a public street or private property before you schedule. Many counties and cities may require you to obtain a permit for a legal placement and use of such device on private or public right of way.

This basic guide will tell you more about permits and introduce you to storage permitting terminology and permitting requirements for Washington, DC metro areas and the individual surrounding counties. Please note that information listed directly on city or county web page may be most up to date about permits.

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Washington, DC Moving Storage Container Permits & Requirements

Washington, DC defines a mobile self-storage unit as “Moving Storage Container (pod).” Permit is required if parked in the parking lane of the street in front of your residence or front yard or side yards between the building sand driveways.

More details regarding placing container in public space can be found in the PDF document issued by District Department of Transportation. To receive the permit and “No Parking” signs if needed, please contact District of Columbia Transportation Online Permitting System.


Arlington County Portable Storage Device Permits & Requirements

Arlington County defines a mobile self-storage unit as “Portable Storage Device.” Permit is required for practically any type of parking, including public roads, driveways or private property to prevent long-term storage of personal items in the public right of way.

For public parking, the Transportation Right-Of-Way (TROW) Permit is required, but in case of private property, container parking permit has to be issued by Zoning Division.

To apply for Transportation Right-Of-Way Permit, please use application available here. To find more details about TROW, please see the permit guide located here. For private property, please visit Zoning Division.

General information regarding Portable Storage Device is available here.

Alexandria Packing Crates/Pods/Trailers for Moving Permits & Requirements

Alexandria City defines a mobile self-storage container in many ways, such as “Packing Crate” or “Pods” or “Trailers for Moving.” Permit is required, and “Reserved Parking” Permit may be needed.

There are two interesting factors related to the containers: device is permitted in similar manner as a dumpster in Public Right-Of-Way, and moving company is required to have on file general liability insurance. Transportation and Environmental Services Division Permit Guidelines can be found here.

Application for Right-Of-Way Permit is available here. Applications can be submitted online. Web Application Submission details are available here.

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Fairfax County Temporary Portable Storage Container Permits & Requirements

Fairfax County defines a mobile self-storage unit as a “Temporary Portable Storage Container” and Permit is NOT required, however there are many limitations regarding to classification and use of the storage unit.

  • Temporary Portable Storage Container is NOT a dumpster, cargo/shipping container, roll-off container, or the trailer portion of the tractor-trailer. Temporary Portable Storage Container is a purpose-built, fully enclosed, box-like container and is used to load and unload from a transport vehicle. Georgetown Moving Portable Container complies with this requirement.
  • Container may NOT be placed on a street, sidewalk or trail, or any location that would interfere with vehicular or pedestrian circulation or cause reduced visibility at street intersections, any required open space, or landscaped area.

Please find more information on the Frequently Asked Code Enforcement Question list available here. Fairfax County also have a published brochure related to Temporary Portable Storage Containers for Residentially Developed Properties that is available here.


Montgomery County Portable Storage Container Permits & Requirements

Montgomery County defines mobile storage container as a “Portable Storage Container.” Permit is required for temporary placement of PODS within the right of way or on a county road.

Permit is NOT required if placement does not need a right-of-way placement for example: owner’s private property, outside of the limits of the public right of way like driveway, lawn, yard, etc. Requirements are very similar to the permitting required for the placement of construction dumpsters on roadways.

General information regarding Portable Storage Containers in the County Right-of-Way and on County Roads can be found on Montgomery County 311 Informational page available here and Department of Permitting Services detailed info available here.


Prince George’s County Portable Storage Container Permits & Requirements

Prince George’s County defines mobile storage container as a “Portable Storage Container.” Permit is required when using the public right of way for any reasons that are city-specific. To get more details about storage permitting, please contact individual city or town for permit.


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